Energy Trust providing big savings for small businesses

Energy Trust is offering no-cost LED lighting upgrades to small businesses and industry in the Illinois Valley (which is almost all businesses in the Valley).
Is this offer for you? Eligible sites must be less than 20,000 square feet or have fewer than 20 employees; and they must be a Pacific Power customer.
Commercial building criteria: Businesses of all kinds (restaurants, bars, bookstores, offices, auto shops, etc), nonprofits and service providers, community centers, churches, multifamily buildings and manufacturers. You can visit energytrust.org/smallbusinesslighting to learn more about your eligibility.
Government buildings, schools, and a few other types of sites are not eligible.
Energy Trust has partnered with the city of Cave Junction, Illinois Valley Community Development Organization and the I.V. Chamber of Commerce to bring this program to the Illinois Valley.
This partnership has made it easier for commercial sites to learn about and receive the services.
“The alternative would be to have each business or building owner somehow hear about the program, research it, and then decide about participating,” explained Karen Chase, Energy Trust of Oregon’s senior outreach manager. “The purpose is to get anyone who is eligible and interested the upgraded LED lighting.”
According to Chase, LED upgrades are one of the easiest ways to save money on electric bills, while providing better light, probably generating less heat, and often creating a more appealing environment. “Lighting replacements can apply to both indoor and outdoor lights.”
Another benefit of energy-efficient lighting is the decrease in maintenance costs and time spent on frequent replacements or repairs.
Energy Trust representatives perform the onsite evaluation of the upgradeable lights, and provide the electrical contractor to do the work. The business or building owner just needs to be able to coordinate regarding the installation.
IVCDO’s Forrest Roth has provided on-the-ground outreach and intake support, talking with those who are interested in participating.
(insert mayor letter quote) The Mayor has included information about this IV/CJ-ETO partnership twice now in her weekly column. The Chamber and IVCDO have both put out information.
Energy Trust of Oregon is a non-profit that serves the customers of the five investor-owned utilities in Oregon. In Josephine County, that includes Pacific Power and Avista. Energy Trust is dedicated to helping utility customers benefit from saving energy and generating renewable power.
For more infromation, call 1-800-326-2917 or email lighting@energytrust.org