Author: Laura Mancuso

I.V. residents surveyed about their health

By Laura MancusoIVN Editor A community health assessment event was held at the Josephine County Fairgrounds Feb.7 to highlight Jackson and Josephine counties’ health data collected in 2023 coordinated by a community-wide initiative called All In For Health.Visitors were able to stroll through interactive displays and share their opinions with[Read More…]

Black history event tackles critical race theory

Black History Month was observed at the AllCare Health’s Community Center in Grants Pass Feb. 10. The guest speakers included Illinois Valley Living Solutions Volunteer & Outreach Coordinator Connie Dillinger, Project Youth Plus Executive Director Carl Thomas and Oregon Youth Authority educator and owner of Rogue Barbers Ron Gillespie.One thing[Read More…]

Homeless count event held at Jubilee Park

More than 100 people came to participate in the annual Illinois Valley Point In Time Homeless Count held at Jubilee Park Pavilion Jan. 24.Volunteers and professionals from many Josephine County community-based organizations were in attendance to help gather surveys from individuals and families that are unhoused in the Valley. The[Read More…]

Wholesome Foods: Laura Mancuso

You have probably heard of reduce, reuse, and recycle when it comes to the environment and landfills, but have you heard of “waste less” in the kitchen?If you are on a food budget and you also want to eat healthy, here are some tips to make the most of your[Read More…]

Healthy Highlights: Laura Mancuso, I.V. Wellness Resources Programs Director

Happy New Year! If you would like a leaner body in 2024, here are some proven tips for you to help whittle down your waistline and get rid of belly fat: Eat more fiber.Cut sugary drinks.Read nutrition labels.Choose lean proteins.Eat mindfully.Avoid alcohol.Get enough sleep.Reduce stress.Choose healthier carbs.Get regular exercise.Track your[Read More…]

Exploring the Illinois Valley

Laura Mancuso, editor Rivers, trees and falling leaves. What could be better?I get asked all the time to please focus on positive articles for the newspaper which got me thinking about a new series. While Dan and I were on a hike with our dogs, I.V. and Lucy the News[Read More…]

Wholesome Foods: by Laura Mancuso

If you’re planning your Thanksgiving meal and are wanting to make it healthier, try adding oven roasted sweet potatoes. This recipe will help reduce that stuffed/bloated feeling you may get after eating the big holiday meal because it is lower in sodium, sugar and fat than traditional sweet potato holiday[Read More…]