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It’s not often that we can all agree on a better path forward, Republicans, Democrats, Independents, and the unaffiliated. Demanding better and more equal representation of the citizens of Josephine County is, I hope, one of those times.
I recently attended a town-hall meeting regarding Measure 17-116 that would increase the number of commissioners, giving rural folks like ourselves more representation at the county level. The more I learn about this measure, the more confident I am that this is the right thing for our county. It will be advantageous having someone from our community, someone from here in the Illinois Valley, representing us and our interests, finally giving the rural population a seat at the county commission table.
I believe this measure will easily pass when all voters have reviewed and understand the facts around this proposal. No increase in taxes nor in the county budget. I encourage everyone to attend one of these meetings, to ask lots of questions, and to read the full text of the measure for themselves. You can find out more about the measure and the meetings at the website jococrg.org.
Again, I hope we can all come together as a community and agree on better representation and a better future.
Wayne Overlin
Cave Junction

I’d like to call attention to something that happened in our town last Saturday, the 13th.
Twelve people ranging in age from kids to elders, including unhoused folks and others, gathered at Journey Home Support Services for a light breakfast before practicing ‘Siva’, which is a Sanskrit word for service.
Armed with gloves, contractor bags and grabbers, these folks split up into 4 groups and went from the golf course to the Junction Inn and along side streets picking up trash. They collected over 800 pounds of trash!
All of the materials and food was provided by Journey Home.
I am proud to have Journey Home in our community and thank them for their ‘Seva’.
Mara Lambert
O ‘Brien