Horoscopes: by Sean Sky

Sun Sign Horoscopes for Aries: March 21 – April 19

Astrology alert: With Jupiter conjunct Uranus, and in the sign of Taurus, you may see banks and other financial institutions start to fail or experience a tremendous amount of trouble and change. This may start to happen anywhere from now and into the next year. If one is able then it is good to hold some gold and silver to hedge against inflation and instability. Bitcoin is also an option. I cannot give financial advice, only tell you what the astrology says. If these words resonate with you then please seek out a professional wealth advisor. Get more than one opinion.
In general, eclipses have to do with fate and destiny. Let’s talk about the full moon lunar eclipse in Libra, which happened on the 25th of March. Lunar eclipses can bring one into emotional alignment, coming into alignment with one’s karma. This lunar eclipse is caused by the south node. The south node is called Ketu in Vedic astrology and represents past life karma, that has not yet been resolved. Since it has to do with past life karma, it can be very fated. Libra is the sign of relationships so you may come into a fated relationship or someone from your past may come back to resolve something or complete something with you. It is also about contracts and agreements so you may experience some sort of shake-up in your life regarding such things. Libra balances the scales of karma and helps you to come into balance with your life and destiny once again. It is about karma that is not finished and karma that needs to be released, and so this can cause some shake-ups, especially in relationships. It also happens on the full moon, and full moons are about completion.
Let’s talk about the solar eclipse in Aries, which will happen April 8. Solar eclipses often stand for new beginnings and opportunities. The sign of Aries is about new beginnings and being independent, finding independence and individuality. It is a call to start taking care of your personal interests and perhaps create a new identity or reinvent yourself. This eclipse brings you motivation and strength. The asteroid Chiron is also exactly conjunct the eclipse. Chiron is known as the wounded healer. Chiron was a wise centaur from Greek mythology who could heal everyone’s wounds except for his own. There could be issues with illness and healing. Chiron was never able to fully heal his own wound but in the process he became a great healer himself. This eclipse can trigger great healing. It may be a good time to try alternative medicines and holistic medicine. Please seek out a professional if this interests you as I can’t give medical advice, only tell you what the astrology says. Aries is also the sign of war and so we may start to see new conflicts or the escalation of current conflicts throughout the world. This is a massive eclipse signifying great changes on a world level as well as a personal level. Saturn and Mars also are conjunct, which can bring many challenges as Saturn and Mars are enemies with one another. This total solar eclipse goes right over America and so tensions may especially arise here in the U.S. over the next two years with regard to the direction of the country. Is the country going in the right direction? Is the will of our leaders aligning with the majority and will of the people’s true needs?

March 21 – April 19

Aries, you are the warrior and the most independent sign of the zodiac. The solar eclipse takes place in your sign in April. This is really a time to focus on your own needs. If things have been stagnant then it is time to take initiative and get moving in all areas of your life. Where have you been slacking? What areas of your life are making you unhappy? It is time to confront these things and make changes for the better. It is time to work on yourself. Get physical. Get active.

April 20 – May 20

Taurus, you are the provider of the zodiac. You love providing for other people, but this is a time to keep close watch on your finances. You could receive an unexpected windfall of money or quite the opposite—unexpected bankruptcy. If you own a business then it is a good time to audit things and look for any discrepancies on the books. Are people stealing from you? Are you receiving your fair share? If you are in a business partnership, make sure all contracts are in order and things are being done correctly.

May 21- June 21

Gemini, you are the socialite of the zodiac. This is a great time to network and be seen. People will want to hear what you have to say, but be on alert for secret enemies and people who are quite jealous of you and your accomplishments. Simply put—watch out for people who wish to sabotage your success. Proceed with caution in areas of career and make sure to treat people with respect and kindness as you always do.

June 22- July 22

Cancer, sometimes you are introverted and just feel like never leaving the house. You may want to keep it local this month. This may not be the best time for overseas or long-distance travel as you may experience delays and upsets. Be careful while traveling this month as things may not quite go according to plan. And if you do visit a foreign place, make sure you have a guide who knows the area.

July 23 – Aug. 22

Leo, you always do best when you follow your inspirations. This is a time when you may feel especially inspired to return to school and start a degree or finish a degree. You may want to study abroad. Are you a subject matter expert? Have you been inspired to teach others lately—this is the time to do it. Take the initiative and create a course or webinar on your specific field of knowledge. Many want to learn what you know at this time.

Aug. 23 – Sept. 22

Virgo, you are about the facts and paying attention to the slightest details. This month is a good time to apply your focus to your relationships, especially your life partner. Perhaps you are so busy with work that your partner feels neglected. It is a good time to show how much you appreciate your partner and add a little romance to your life. Go out for a romantic dinner and praise the great qualities of your partner. Remind them how much you love them. This will do wonders for your relationship.

Sept. 23 – Oct. 23

Libra, you are usually not one to overreact. With the lunar eclipse taking place in your sign, it is time to get into emotional alignment. Have people been treating you unfairly? This is a good time to express your concerns. And if you have been treating people unfairly then it is time to make amends and apologize. This is a time to really focus on relationships and express any concerns you may have. It may be time to take your relationship to the next level or simply release it and move on.

Oct. 24 – Nov. 21

Scorpio, you do everything with intensity. You may feel very motivated to start getting in shape this month or break records at the gym. Make sure that you warm-up and do not try to do too much this month as far as physical activity is concerned as you may be prone to injuries at this time. This is also a time to let your partner lead and not make any rash decisions regarding your relationship. You are filled with emotions, but this is a time to be calm and see how things play out.

Nov. 22 – Dec. 21

Sagittarius, you are always going from one thing to the next, however this is a time to stay focused, especially when it comes to investments. Don’t let anyone talk you into something that is too good to be true. Use your discernment and do the necessary research when it comes to investments. On another note, are you wanting to start a family? This may be the time to go for it. You also may find that your daily routine changes quite unexpectedly in the next month.

Dec. 22 Jan. 19

Capricorn, you are very down to earth and usually pretty honest, but have you been being honest with yourself? Are you dreaming about things coming into fruition that you have not taken the steps to actually accomplish? Are you having any problems with alcohol or other substances—if so, now is the time to seek help and get your life back on track. It is time to be extremely honest with yourself so that you can actually accomplish your goals and dreams. You have the ability to succeed like no other.

Jan. 20 – Feb. 18

Aquarius, you are the most unconventional sign of the zodiac. You may be having a tough time with finances this month, but do not fear because you always come up with a creative solution that works. Doing research and gathering information about fashion, art, spirituality, and listening to inspiring music may set the gears in motion for you this month. Do not overextend yourself and be extremely realistic about your finances and financial goals—it will pay off in the end.

Feb. 19 March 20

Pisces, we all know you are a dreamer, but have you been paying attention to your body lately? This month is a time to especially take care of your body. Do you have any aches or pains? Well then perhaps it is time to get a deep tissue massage, try some aromatherapy, or perhaps some acupuncture. And as far as jobs go, you may find success in applying to government institutions or anything that has to do with writing and research. It is time to take the leap and try something new.

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