Driver to be charged with DUII

(Courtesy photo for the Illinois Valley News)

On March 20, 2024, at 12:07 a.m., Deputies from the Josephine County Sheriff’s Office were dispatched to a head-on collision on Warren Rd. in Selma. The incident involved a Toyota 4Runner that was being towed and collided head-on with a truck, resulting in significant damage and severe injuries.
The collision site revealed a green 4Runner lodged in the brush, a heavily damaged Toyota Tundra obstructing the roadway, and a white Ford truck with a tow strap attached to its bumper.
According to the driver of the Ford, the 4Runner had broken down and was being towed when, for reasons unknown, it veered into the oncoming lane, leading to the collision with the Tundra.
The female driver of the 4Runner was ejected upon impact and found in the roadway, while the 4Runner itself careened downhill and into a nearby yard.
The Driver of the Tundra, Jared Robbins, and the female driver of the 4Runner were transported to area hospitals to be treated for their injuries. Upon release from the hospital, Robbins will be charged with assault III and DUII.
No additional information is available at this time. Questions regarding this incident need to be directed to the Josephine County District Attorney’s Office.