Veterans Plaza brought out the crowds

Cave Junction celebrated Veterans Day with a new Veterans Plaza dedication at Jubilee Park.
The new plaza came to fruition, due in part, to a World War 1 memorial that was on private property. The property was originally the home of the local WW1 Barracks that was recently sold. The Barracks was the original American Legion/VFW for WW1 veterans after the war.

State Rep. Lily Morgan spoke at the Veterans Day dedication at Jubilee Park Saturday, Nov. 11. You can read the mayor’s letter on A-3 for more news about Morgan.
(Photo by Laura Mancuso for the Illinois Valley News)

Roger Brandt and the Cave Junction Parks Advisory Committee led by John Miles came up with the solution to move the monument to Jubilee Park.
According to Brandt, “The large crowd that attended the dedication event was a testament to how much the community cares about our local veterans and the men and women of our community who are in active service. The veterans memorial at Jubilee Park will forever be a permanent testament of that caring.”
E Clampus Vitus local chapter Umpqua Joe 1859 are in the process of building three more monuments, one of which will honor the Ground Observer Corps , a volunteer branch of the U.S. Army Air Forces tasked with watching the skies and keeping America safe during WW2, as it was years before advanced radar techniques were available.
Miles was overwhelmed with the turnout stating that the celebration surpassed expectations as did the plaza and monuments that he called beautiful.
“The celebration was dignified and appropriate, and attendance was much greater than expected. Everyone on the Parks and Recreation Commission contributed, fulfilled their assignments, which led to a successful event. Even the weather cooperated. Special thanks go out to IVHS choir and band, the American Legion, the Clampers, Lily Morgan, the 173rd Fighter Wing from Kingsley Field, and especially Roger Brandt for putting it all together.” Miles added, “Hopefully, now that we have an officially designated place, there will be more interest in these patriotic events, so more people attend in the future.”