Tee Tattler

Hello from the Illinois Valley Country Club golf course.
Last week I had a ton of fun news and just before I hit the “send” key I must have gotten interrupted, so that’s why there was no column last week.
Just a couple fun things from last week—The Queens of the Greens tournament had 16 ladies show up and they had a marvelous time. They had some lovely cupcakes that Sue Kern made and stayed late into the afternoon with a couple of girls from Dutcher Creek golf course having some good conversation and newfound friendship.
We also brought two teams over to Stoneridge Golf Course for a fundraiser tournament, this group must be good at raising funds because the entry fee was $125 per player and Mulligans cost another $20 per player. Prizes were awarded for first and second but D’Lynn’s team tied for second and only the other team got a prize—a bottle of wine. The course played great, but not $145 great!
Men’s Club is now into our third week and is well attended both Monday and Wednesday evenings. We are still establishing handicaps, which this year are all on the official Oregon Golf Association cards, so we have not yet posted all of the standings. But I will say that a few teams have won all the points available, so there will be a stack at the top.
Saturday was the second annual Chuck Taylor birthday tournament. Last year we had 24 family members come and all play from the same teebox. This year we decided to have a four-person scramble and invite all comers. We had 16 teams show up for a total of 64 players! Graham, James, Dustin and Brad took first place with 8 out of 9 birdies for an incredible 28 score on 9 holes. The greenskeepers-Todd, Thom, Rich and Matt Stone placed second, and third place was the “ringer” team of D’Lynn, Troy, Poke and Chris – these guys were the far and away favorite but a head cold kind of did a number on them. Thanks, go out to the Mike and Kendyl for helping out overall, getting the souvenir T-shirts made and Kendyl’s awesome hot cheese dip. Also, thanks to Stacie for running beer cart, Eugene for putting up with our antics, Huey for setting up and collecting 50/50 and honey pot money. Special thanks to Frankie Pinios, who has donated a wad of money to the nonprofit. The funds were used to purchase eight “almost new” power carts, bringing our fleet up to date and numbering 33 carts now. We had enough with our members’ carts to supply every team with two carts, something that had not been done for quite a few years.
Ladies continue to play on Thursday evenings and are gaining in numbers and ability.
We were able to get one pass of fertilizer down two weeks ago before the spreader completely dissolved into a dusty pile of rust and it made such a huge difference in that fairway. We have a new one that arrived on Friday and will spread more-to make our mowing job even more difficult.
The entire course is now mowed at least once but the warm temperatures are making the grass grow so quickly that we will just have to start right back from the beginning to keep up.
**We will have a Home-and-Home tournament with Del Norte, in Crescent City June 3 and 10.
**Kid’s League starts in mid-June so please get the little ones down for that and remember that kids play for free at IVCC!!