Tee Tattler

Hello from the golf course!
Lots of action this week with the nicer weather.
On Monday we had 9 players and 4 kids under the age of 9. Roland, Eugene, Todd, Troy, Matt, Ty, Poke Danny and I showed up. We had birdies on #2 for ties. Matt won the first skin on #5. Danny got the second one on #6. Roland scored a birdie on #9 and D’Lynn picked up all of the carry-over KPs with a third shot KP on #9.
On Tuesday we had 9 guys show up for skins—we had ties on the first 5 holes and then Ty won a skin with the only par on #15. Poke, Ty, Matt, Todd and Jim all had pars on #16. Matt won the KP and just missed his birdie putt for the skin. On #18 we had Matt, Ty, D’Lynn putting for birdies. Ty got the only birdie and won a second skin so he took all of the money. The weather was really nice and we began to plan to mow but alas, it rained again and soaked the grass.
Wednesday we had 10 guys play. Danny chipped in on #10 for a birdie. Troy and Danny were putting for pars on #11; Danny’s putt went all the way into the hole but somehow managed to spin out, giving Troy the skin. On #3, Todd and I putted at the same time from opposite sides of the green, Todd’s ball was just passing the hole and my ball collided with his, knocking his ball backward into the hole and he claimed the skin—however the guys didn’t agree and gave him two putts. Todd then stuck the green on #13 and left a mark at about 2 feet but the ball spun backward out to about 5 feet. He barely missed his putt and he tied the hole with Dustin and D’Lynn with pars. On #14 Randy had a beautiful chip shot to 8 feet and he drilled the putt in for par and a skin. On #15 D’Lynn put one about 14 feet onto the green on his second shot for an Eagle attempt, he missed the putt by inches and settled for birdie. On #16 D’Lynn landed on the green on his drive but the ball backed off so no KP, but he did make the birdie putt for the skin. On #17, me, Troy and D’Lynn were all on the green and had to measure to find out who won the carry over money. D’Lynn was about 3 feet closer and took home about $35 in KP money. We actually had 6 pars on that hole. And on #18 Troy got a birdie for the last skin.
Friday night we expected a bunch of people as the weather cleared from raining all night but we only had 7. Danny again got the first skin on #1. The next holes all were won with pars except the hole I won and it was a bogie. Nobody could hit greens on the KP holes we went to a third shot KP on #9. I hit the green from way out but it landed long and barely rolled off the green. John hit the green and stuck it for the KP. He also sunk his par putt and took the skin as well. Danny, John, Colby, Todd and I split the skins’ money.
On Saturday, David, Todd, D’Lynn and Troy traveled to Eagle Point for a master’s tournament, in which you chose a master pro as your partner and used his score with yours. David hit a huge drive on the par 5, backing that up with a beautiful shot that landed on the green, leaving him a rare Eagle opportunity. He ended up sinking the putt for the Eagle. I didn’t get a chance to ask him how much he won but I’m hoping it was a three-digit amount.
And finally on Sunday afternoon, we had a whopping 12 players, which created a lot of ties and a bunch of pars. All except for the difficult #5—Poke hit a monster drive down the middle, chipped onto the fringe and then putted to about 2 feet. He watched nervously as everyone missed par putts, leaving his for the last putt and the potential skin. He knees knocking, he lined up his putt as a hush fell over the onlookers. He drew back slowly and tapped the ball lightly, it rolled slowly and hovered for a moment on the edge of the cup, and then clunked in for the only skin that afternoon and $60 cash.