From the mayor’s desk: by Meadow Martell

Here are some of the things that keep our Public Works Department busy.
There was a walk through with Copeland and Civil West on the new ADA ramps being installed. Unfortunately, not all the panels and approaches met ADA standards. ADA requires very specific slopes to be consistent from end to end and meet minimum width and a maximum length requirement. Panels that did not meet these specifications had to be demolished and removed. Copeland will be back to first form and then pour the needed panels.
In Jubilee Park, our Public Works Director Alex Ponder has started putting lines on the ground to be sure the playground and splash pad will work together. You will see some work begin as concrete for new sidewalks will be going in soon around the playground which will be expanded for three new pieces of ADA playground equipment. A waterline for the spray pad will also begin. The Parks and Recreation Commission will be announcing a groundbreaking day for the public to attend when the new equipment is installed.
Our crew recently installed a new water service for a residence. This is not a simple project. It involves cutting a hole in the asphalt, then exposing the water main, tapping the water main while it is “hot”, and then boring, and installing a new meter for the customer to plumb into.
The Public Works Department gets constant reminders that we are working with aging facilities and equipment. Last week a water analyzer went down at Well #4. Staff has had to take manual tests on a routine basis to make sure we are staying within the required parameters. Our new analyzer was delivered Friday and will be installed this week.
Water backflow prevention is a crucial issue in water systems. A water backflow prevention device protects potable water from contamination or pollution. Without a water backflow preventer, water can flow in either direction, which is a significant hazard. Backflow preventers must be tested every year. Testers must be licensed, and it takes at least two months to dig out and inspect approximately 430 devices.
I take my duties as a mayor seriously and it is also important to balance this with taking care of myself. Next week I will be on a “bucket list” trip to Alaska, hopefully to see the Aurora Borealis. My next letter will be the first week of November. I hope I have good news to report!