Tee Tattler

Greetings from the Illinois Valley Country Club golf course.
Men’s Club twilight this week had a few teams missing as some of the guys were finishing up their summer gardening planting. Top 10 standings
Kerby Electric
Taylor’s Sausage1/Taylor’s2-Valley Fabrication
Selma Secondhand
Robbins Brothers
Jerry’s Towing
John L Scott Real Estate
Bud Bros
KALA Seafood
Wednesday night skins had a dozen guys show up and two women, the girls split off on their own to work on their short game. Since D’Lynn was absent some other guys won skins. Tyler and Poke Robbins both won a couple skins and Jim Losey won one or two as well. The poker hand was won by Tyler as well with three kings.
Thursday kids’ program has been going very well with the kids playing at least one hole in the hour or so that they are here. This Thursday, July 21 is the little tournament so if you are in town please come by the course and root them on. Next week is awards and pizza and ice cream party.
Thursday ladies had two teams come out, the Jaime and Jamie group of 5 had 6 pars and three bogies for a 39! Emily hit one all the way to the ditch on #9 so she is going to be a valuable tool for scramble teams.
Friday night we had about 18 guys come out and play skins and poker. Ashton insisted on riding with David Scott and David gifted him with picking the poker cards. David was having second thoughts about that after Ashton picked a three for the first pick. However, he picked another three later on and David won the $50 poker hand. He gave Ashton half the money only to have Greyson fuss so he gave Grey the other half—what a champ!
Saturday was Joel Dierkes’ birthday horserace. We played nine holes scramble for the morning prize and then 9 holes alternating shot and single elimination. Six guys from Applegate Golf Course came out and two of them are pros. Chuck and Dave Muswieck rubbed it in pretty good because I.V. usually beats the pants off of Applegate. Nate and Greg hit balls where usually only Roger Hults puts them so it was a great treat playing with those guys. Nate’s team was 1st, Greg’s was 2nd and D’Lynn’s team got 3rd. Gimmees Grill served us a totally delicious taco lunch.
And finally, on Sunday a small group came out from Medford to play with Taylor, Poke, Tracy and me, for a little 5-on-5 scramble. The weather was perfect at 85 and a 4 mph breeze and it was neck-and-neck the whole afternoon between our team and Poke’s, but I put one 9 feet on #8 and newlywed Shasta sunk the putt for a birdie to send it into #9 with our team up by one. It didn’t get any better for Poke’s team and we ended up winning by 2 strokes. Luckily, the Wild River had plenty of beer to soothe his pain.
D’Lynn will be taking Todd, Troy, John and me to Centennial for the annual Sasquatch tournament. Troy and I will be hitting from the old guys’ tees, so I hope to report some serious winnings.
The next tournament is the Jesse and Mighty Memorial Aug. 6. This is a very fun tournament and we hope to keep the carts all in one piece this year!