Light-hearted original play ‘Look In My Eyes’ tackles alcoholism and other social woes

In an original musical theater libretto, called “Look In My Eyes,” written and directed by Keri Moore, a local songwriter and playwright in Southern Oregon. An originator and outside the box thinker, her play is a story for our times about a once great Shakespearean actor who falls from grace at the height of his career and is reduced to a two-bit Ed Sullivan impersonator who cannot maintain sobriety. This is not your typical musical theater production. An amusing blend of cabaret, variety, comedy club and a touch of the classics.

Effie Brandt (left) and Tracey Reed

This dramedy explores how one man’s steep climb back from the throes of alcoholism teaches him that kindness, compassion, self-respect for himself and others and staying sober is the only way to complete recovery. Tormented by a campy fortuneteller played by Sherrie Molera who keeps him in check, and inspired by a compassionate 6 century BC poet named Thespis played by Christine Gardiner of Cave Junction, Harry Snowden, the principle actor in the play discovers the path back to success. Sabina Cobros plays a cheeky Señorita, who teaches him a serious lesson about sexual harassment. Tracey Reed stars as Mother Nature who sings a song warning us about climate change and her gifted daughter Effie Brandt sings a song that inspires everyone to live life right.

Keri Moore (left) and Christine Gardiner

Keri Moore portrays a director who suffers from a severe case of anxiety, and also Nila, a traveling minstrel from a distant galaxy who foretells the future planet earth. There’s plenty of audience participation in this fun filled celebration of the performing arts. Showcased at the Siskiyou Field Institute at 1241 Illinois River Road in Selma, this comedy with dramatic moments, is slotted for Saturday, July 23, from 4-6 p.m. and a Sunday matinee July 24 from 2-4 p.m. to pilot an annual “Festival of Fun” to celebrate how the performing arts can become a healing experience. The main aim of this pilot program is to apply for grants to foster the arts in the Illinois Valley. Come join the of fun and help celebrate and support the performing arts in our community! Doors open at 3 p.m. Saturday and 1 p.m. Sunday. Get there early to get a front row seat! Adults $10 and children $5.