Cougars play ball hard, with mixed results

The Illinois Valley High School girls softball team went up against the Lost River Raiders in two consecutive home games May 12.Unfortunately, the games did not go as anticipated and the Lady Cougars took two resounding losses.Play started out strong for the home team in the first half of the[Read More…]

Rotary Club awards Students of the Year

The Illinois Valley Rotary Club presented their awards for Student of the Year to three students who met their organization’s standards May 2 at the Wild River Brewing & Pizza. Although only one student was able to attend, the award presentation was meaningful and the speeches that accompanied it were[Read More…]

Lady Cougs take a loss

The IVHS girls’ softball team played hard, but they unfortunately succumbed to the strength of the North Douglas Warriors during their home game on May 1.The Lady Cougars were able to hold their own for a while, but the top of the game’s third inning was when their opponents unfortunately[Read More…]

Cougars have mixed results on diamond

The Illinois Valley High School girls softball team has had an incredibly strong start to their season, and their game against the Bonanza Antlers April 18 was no different, as the Lady Cougars dominated the home field once again.The home team’s strength was obvious from the moment they stepped onto[Read More…]

Cougars clip the Pelicans wings

The Illinois Valley High School boys’ baseball team faced off against the Klamath Union Pelicans April 4. Though the Pelicans played well, in the end the Cougars dominated the field with their ferocity.Things looked shaky for the Cougars at first, with the Pelicans gaining a slight advantage during the first[Read More…]

Evergreen Elementary Students of the Month

Front row, left to right: Riley Watts, Kiara Eledred, Izzic Mann, and Alder Rose. Second row,left to right: Isabella Mandarino, Dulce Hill-Esparza, Braelynn Thomas, Norris, and KassandraMontgomery. Third Row, left to right: Naelani Sandoval, Avi Gutierrez, Molli Stebbins, AlanaWilliams, and Kennedy Murray. Principal: Jenny Jones Not pictured: Izayah Griffin

IVHS softball crushes Bobcats

Gwen BarringerIVN contributing writerThe Illinois Valley High School softball team had their Cougar claws out when they faced off against the Myrtle Point and Powers Bobcats March 21. Though the Bobcats tried to even the score in the last few innings, the game marked the first victory of the year[Read More…]