Author: Daniel Mancuso

Life in the Valley of Riches

Last week I made my annual journey east to watch a NASCAR race with my father, something we have been doing for 30 years. This year we went to the street race in Chicago and it did not disappoint. What was disappointing? I didn’t have a single dog or Italian[Read More…]

Traveling homelessness panel available for your group

There’s no doubt that homelessness is a contentious and emotional topic for residents of Josephine County. Should those without stable housing be denigrated as simply “a bunch of addicts,” as some have said? Or is the reality more complex? A new grant awarded by the Allcare Health Foundation to the[Read More…]

Life in the Valley of Riches

A few weeks back I spoke out about religion in 4-H. Since that time, I have spoken to 4-H Outreach Program Coordinator Lisa Parlette and learned why it was an issue. While I don’t like it, I understand why they have the policy.Children are matched with 4-H clubs based on[Read More…]

Graduation If you are not able to make it to graduation please watch thru the link below.  Graduation starts at 7 p.m. tonight, Thursday, May 31, 2023.

Life in the Valley of Riches

Mary and Joseph might be able to attend, but Jesus is not allowed in the mangers during the 4-H fat stock show and the subsequent sale.Back in January, during public comments at the county commissioners’ weekly business session it was brought up that children were not allowed to wear a[Read More…]

Great turnout for Valley Gambler 500

There were some very unusual vehicles roaming the Illinois Valley forest and logging roads last weekend.A Mercedes Benz sedan and a white stretch limo, modified for off-road, were two of the 45 vehicles that roamed the area to help clean up the trash in the woods.“Mountains of weed, a scooter,[Read More…]

Secretary of State to resign effective May 9.

Secretary of State Shemia Fagan Announces Resignation, Effective Monday May 9  SALEM, OR — Oregon Secretary of State Shemia Fagan announced her resignation today, effective Monday May 8.  The Secretary will continue in her official duties until Monday, May 8, at which point Deputy Secretary Cheryl Myers will take on oversight of[Read More…]