Author: Christy Solo

Crawlies with Cri: Carolina grasshopper (Dissosteira carolina)

This week’s crawly will really click into place with your summer memories. Meet the Carolina grasshopper (Dissosteira carolina).There are around 650 species of grasshoppers in North America. Despite that, it’s always easy to identify a Carolina hopper. Carolina hoppers are one of the largest grasshoppers around. As you can see[Read More…]

Crawlies with Cri: by Christy Solo

It’s time to revisit and learn more about a crawly we met several years ago. Meet the forest alligator lizard (Elgaria multicarinata multicarinata). The forest alligator is a southern alligator lizard and contrary to their name, they live all along the Pacific Coast.Northern alligator lizards live in the same area,[Read More…]

Crawlies with Cri: by Christy Solo

This week’s crawly has a perfect common name. Meet the river jeweling (Calopteryx aequabilis).Their scientific name is spot on too: Calopteryx is from the Greek “kalos” (beautiful) + “pteron” (wing or feather).There are only five species of jewelwings in North America, and only the river jewelwing can be found in[Read More…]

Crawlies with Cri:

by Chrisy Solo This week’s crawly is a painted beauty. Meet the painted lady beetle (Mulsantina picta).It’s easy to see how the painted lady beetles got their name. While they vary a lot in color, from bright reds, yellows, greens and oranges to more subdued shades of brown and tan,[Read More…]

Crawlies with Cri

Christy Pitto IVN contributing writer This week’s crawly is a rare visitor west of the Cascades, but if you’re lucky you just may see one. Meet the black-chinned hummingbird (Archilochus alexandri).The pictured black-chinned dropped by my feeders last week. I snapped his photo by pure chance. My aunt is visiting[Read More…]