Author: CJ Schatza

County negotiating Pipe Fork sale

Nature lovers in Josephine County are on the cusp of a significant victory as the JoCo Commissioners are in talks to sell a beloved tract of forest to a conservation organization rather than a logging company.The county’s plan to sell Pipe Fork Creek, a 320-acre property in the Williams area[Read More…]

Airport’s Davis is cleared for takeoff

Josephine County Airports Director Jason Davis has tendered his resignation and is expected to depart his role Feb. 25, though Board of JoCo Commissioners Chair Herman Baertschiger indicated Davis may stay on longer if the county cannot recruit a replacement by then.Davis, who assumed his post in the spring of[Read More…]

Contractor selected for transit hub

Planned transit hub and customer service/dispatch facility located at 142 NE E St in Grants Pass. (Courtesy photo for the Illinois Valley News) The Josephine County Transit Department selected Outlier Construction, LLC as the contractor to construct the planned transit hub and customer service/dispatch facility located at 142 NE E[Read More…]

Lorna Byrne Middle School shows school board some love

The Three Rivers School District Board of Directors’ Jan. 18 meeting kicked off with an appreciation video from Lorna Byrne Middle School, featuring staff members and students lip syncing and dancing to popular songs by artists including Shania Twain, Taylor Swift and Celine Dion.LBMS Principal Danny Pratt addressed the board[Read More…]

I.V. News to host county notices

Whether it was a cost-savings decision as the Josephine County Commissioners attested to or retribution against unfavorable press coverage as their detractors alleged, the county voted to switch from the Grants Pass Daily Courier to the Illinois Valley News for purposes of printing public notices.Anne G. Basker Auditorium in Grants[Read More…]

Valenzuela gives credit to Lorna Byrne Middle School staff

Superintendent Dave Valenzuela praised Lorna Byrne Middle School personnel at the Dec. 14 Three Rivers School District Board of Directors meeting, held at 3:30 p.m. at Southern Oregon Success Academy in Merlin.The weekend after Thanksgiving, Valenzuela was informed there was a burst pipe at the middle school.“Saturday of that weekend[Read More…]

What to do when Cascadia hits

It’s not that simple, according to Chris Goldfinger, a professor of marine geology at Oregon State University, who is considered one of the world’s foremost experts on earthquakes.Goldfinger was interviewed for the PBS Terra program “Weathered,” hosted by weather expert Maiya May, which, according to the show’s synopsis, “helps explain[Read More…]

Recap of 2022’s highs and lows

January *Earth Peoples Park, a 4-acre parcel of land at the corner of Rockydale Road and Redwood Highway that at one point housed dozens of rent-free tenants, was served with a receivership lawsuit late last year. “We’re receiving basically daily complaints from neighbors… Burning garbage, dumping sewage into the river,[Read More…]

Inmates to be charged for medical

Fees for county services were increased across the board at the Dec. 7 weekly business session of the Josephine County Commissioners.As is customary, two separate public hearings were held at the Anne G. Basker Auditorium-set meeting in the matter of uniform procedure for setting fees – one for the animal[Read More…]