Author: CJ Schatza

Fuel system planned for I.V. Airport

Construction excise fees were increased to benefit Grants Pass School District 7 at the Sept. 21 Board of Josephine County Commissioners’ weekly business session.The GPSD7 board voted to increase these fees in the fall of 2016, but the governments of Grants Pass and Josephine County were not notified of this[Read More…]

County addresses outdated zoning classification

The Sept. 14 Board of Josephine County Commissioners’ weekly business session took place at Anne G. Basker Auditorium in Grants Pass.The meeting kicked off with a public hearing to consider a zoning change to a property that currently houses the Grants Pass Over-Niters RV park.Tami Smith of the JoCo Planning[Read More…]

New Valley arts school gets district approval

The Kalmiopsis Community Arts High School’s charter was approved by the Three Rivers School District Board of Directors at its Sept. 14 meeting.KCA has been in the works for years, the brainchild of Valley educators: Kaci Elder, Kimiko Maglio, Melissa DeNardo and Ryan Forsythe, with previous support from Sara Kinstler[Read More…]

County renews with RCC, GP signed

A trio of administrative agreements were front and center at the Sept. 7 Board of Josephine County Commissioners’ meeting, held at the Anne G. Basker Auditorium in Grants Pass.The RCC Student and Staff Pass Program is renewed annually and entails JoCo Transit receiving $30,000 from Rogue Community College to allow[Read More…]

Lithification discussed at county meeting

During the Sept. 7 weekly business session of the Board of Josephine County Commissioners, individuals speaking on behalf of a business based in New Mexico that specializes in constructing roads using the process of lithification sought an audience with the commissioners and other county officials to discuss the merits of[Read More…]

Commissioner alarmed by gun restrictions measure

The ease with which Oregonians can purchase firearms will be greatly diminished this fall if Measure 114 is approved by the voters.Placed on the Nov. 8 ballot by citizen petition, Measure 114, otherwise referred to as the Changes to Firearm Ownership and Purchase Requirements Initiative, would require those seeking to[Read More…]

Monkeypox not yet reported in JoCo

Thankfully, the monkeypox virus, AKA hMPXV, is nowhere near as infectious or deadly as COVID-19, but with symptoms that can be quite painful and debilitating, caution should be taken to avoid contracting it.The Oregon Health Authority has an informational page on monkeypox, which was put up Aug. 11 and can[Read More…]

JoCo revises federal fund policy

The Board of Josephine County Commissioners held a weekly business session Wednesday, Aug. 31 at the Anne G. Basker Auditorium in Grants Pass.Prior to delving into the agenda, Vice Chair Darin Fowler recounted his experience at a recent community meeting at North Valley High School regarding the Rum Creek Fire.“There[Read More…]

Psilocybin, sales tax officially on ballot

After a total of six public hearings resulting in hours of public feedback and heated discussion, three ordinances concerning psilocybin manufacturing, psilocybin service centers and a seasonal sales tax to support law enforcement, respectively, have been adopted by Josephine County and were formally referred to the voters by way of[Read More…]

Whitehorse Park expansion proceeding

The Aug. 17 weekly business session of the Board of Josephine County Commissioners kicked off with a public hearing in consideration of amending the county’s comprehensive plan to allow for a Goal 3 exception allowing full hookup RV sites at Whitehorse Park.A first reading for this ordinance was held Aug.[Read More…]