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Tee Tattler

by Terry Taylor Hello from the golf course at the Illinois Valley Country Club In this week’s news, the Monday night men’s club had a few teams beginning to realize that summer is here and their gardens are lacking sorrowfully, so a large handful have been missing to catch up[Read More…]

Exposure to Smoke from Fires

By Pat Jenkins, MSN Illinois Valley Wellness Resources Fourth of July is here and that means the start of summer and the potential start of fire season in the Illinois Valley. The glorious rain we had in June was a blessing, but with the forecast of higher temperatures, it may[Read More…]

Senior Spotlight

Pat Jenkins Health info you can trust. Printed or online health information can give you more power or control— if it’s accurate. But, you can’t trust everything you read. Here are some clues to help you decide what is most accurate. *”Evidence Based” Look for a list of sources. Do[Read More…]

Will JCSA transfer violate LWCF terms?

CJ Schatza, IVN copy editor The transfer of county-owned Sportsman Park and its popular shooting range is looking more certain than ever as the Board of Josephine County Commissioners has approved the land sale contract with the Sportsman Association. However, one important question remains regarding whether discarding the property will[Read More…]

County ensures police can use Sportsman

The ongoing process of transferring the county-owned Sportsman Park firing range to the nonprofit Josephine County Sportsman Association reached an important milestone Wednesday, June 8. Presented with a land sale and transfer contract with JCSA, the JoCo Board of Commissioners opted to approve it, after tabling the matter the week[Read More…]

Transitional Shelter Coming to CJ

Iris Chinook, IVN contributing writer For intractable social problems, everyone wants a solution—but most people don’t want to be an active part of that solution – evidenced by recent Town Hall meetings about a homeless facility in February and Illinois Valley social media comments. Homelessness is one of those problems.[Read More…]

Tales from the rural patrol

Sunday, June 5 *A Mercury outboard motor was taken from a boat in the 100 block of Lone Mountain Road, according to a report at 10:59 a.m. A report was filed for first-degree theft. *A gray Ford F250 Super Duty pickup truck with a dead battery was last seen parked[Read More…]