Josephine County issues statement on conduct investigation

It is Josephine County’s policy to provide a workplace free from harassment and that honors an individual’s right to respect and professional conduct in the workplace. Josephine County has a zero-tolerance policy regarding harassment in the workplace. Our Core Values emphasize our employees as our greatest resource, the provision of professional services, and integrity.
An investigation conducted by Josephine County staff found that Commissioner Daniel DeYoung’s conduct during the Legal Counsel Update on July 2 did not meet these Core Values and violated the county’s sexual harassment policy. The conduct was unprofessional, disrespectful and unacceptable. In response, Commissioner DeYoung’s interactions with the employee will be restricted, a written warning and reprimand will be issued, and additional training regarding acceptable workplace behavior will be provided.
In addition, Josephine County staff will be reviewing and making recommendations regarding updates and revisions to county policy to ensure accountability for violations by any employee or elected official.
Harassment of any kind is not the culture we strive for in Josephine County, and we will continue to improve our policies to hold those who engage in it accountable.