Tales from the Rural Patrol

(Editor’s note: Factual information for ‘Tales’ is provided by the Josephine County Sheriff’s Office. All persons listed are innocent until proven guilty in a court of law. Charges can be amended or dismissed.)

June 28
*Nothing to report today

June 29
*A deputy recognized a man sitting in front of Priority Fitness in CJ and contacted Joseph Ainsworth, 46, who was then arrested on a felony warrant for arson. Ainsworth was also trespassed from the location.
*On Redwood Hwy. and Midway Ave., a silver truck towing a trailer was pulled over, resulting in a citation for Darlin Sanchez for having no operator’s license, registration, or insurance. She then called her brother, who is deaf, to drive her home. Oh darlin’!
*A woman went to the animal shelter to pick up her dog after being advised of a complaint. Janine Johnson stated that the K9 was under 6 months old, and she had an appointment to get a rabies vaccination. She is to appear in the Josephine County Circuit Court.
*A driver near N. Caves Ave. and E. River St. was warned for having no license, insurance, expired registration, and no mud flaps. If they had seen the movie “Spinal Tap,” maybe they would have heeded the line from the song “Big Bottoms.” “Talk about mud flaps, my girl’s got ‘em.”
*In the 400 block of W. River St., a driver was warned for not having a license.

June 30
*A citation was issued to a driver on Monument Dr. for driving while suspended and uninsured.
*A woman attempted to call 911 after getting into an argument with her husband who hit her in the head, and then took her phone away while restraining her by holding her arms down. When she was able to contact authorities, Jacob Rice, 36, was taken into custody for attempted assault and interfering with a report. She declined medical assistance. There were children present at the time of the altercation, but they were taken in for safekeeping by the suspect’s mother.
*A non-domestic disturbance on Holland Loop Rd. led to an arrest in connection to a person’s mental health.
*A red Chevy S10 was pulled over on Boundary Ave. and W. River St., leading to a citation for the driver, who was suspended.

July 1
*Wanona Lee Yadon was cited in lieu of arrest concerning a warrant on duii charges on Robertson Bridge Rd. near Galice Rd.

July 2
*Kyle Powell, 28, made the bad decision to return to his grandparent’s house right after court where the judge specifically told him not to. His grandma let him in without grandpa’s permission. While there was initially no answer when police knocked on the door, they were able to do a search of the home, but were unable to locate Powell or a .22 which was supposed to be there. The subject was also known to carry knives. Authorities eventually caught Kyle Powell in the 6000 block of Cloverlawn Dr. and arrested him on charges of violating a restraining order and domestic disturbance.
*A driver in the 100 block of Speaker Rd. was warned about driving uninsured, driving while suspended, and having expired tags. Their silver Dodge was not warned, and was impounded.
*A citation was issued to a driver in the 24000 block of Redwood Hwy. for having no license plate, insurance or license.

July 3
*Michael Smart didn’t live up to his name as he was cited for driving while suspended on 199.
*An unnamed driver was cited for speeding on Schumacher.

July 4
*Serenity Bailey, 47, stated that she was “trying to find out what it would look like if she lit the forest on fire”, and attempted to do just that. Multiple fires were lit and thankfully extinguished on Spencer Creek Rd. The partially naked Bailey admitted to using meth, alcohol, and marijuana, which explains why she was making no sense. She was cited by ODF for burning without a permit, and arrested by JoCo po-po, and taken to the sobering center.
*On Cloverlawn Dr., a woman said a Nissan damaged her vehicle in a hit and run incident. It turns out that the caller was getting impatient and (in a no passing zone) passed a slow-going champagne colored VW, which swerved, causing the caller to hit them. Their passenger appeared to be high or drunk, leading me to question if the woman was taking driving tips from them.
*A warrant service led to the arrest of Joshua Davis Scott, 44, at Hogue Dr. and Lakeshore Dr. Scott had three warrants from Josephine County, two for contempt of court, and one for criminal trespass and criminal mischief, as well as a warrant from Del Norte County for failure to appear for “health and safety.”
*An animal complaint was lodged in the 7000 block of Deer Creek Rd. When contacted, Eric N. Larson stated that two of his three dogs had a history of biting, but he began muzzling them. He was cited to appear in the circuit court to ensure that he licensed the dogs.
*A silver Mercedes driven by Kyliegh B. White, 20, was pulled over for going 68 in a 45-mph zone on Redwood Hwy. near Willow Ln.