ODHS Emergency Cooling Center brings relief

With triple-digit heat outside, Sylvia Ceron and her team from the Office of Resilience and Emergency Management, which works under Oregon Department of Human Services, traveled to Cave Junction to help cool the heat with a bang on the Fourth of July.

Valley residents Lyn (right), Marcie and Christy, 3, beat the heat Monday, July 8 at Immanuel Methodist Church in Cave Junction. (Photo by Laura Mancuo, Illinois Valley News)

Ceron organized a cooling center July 4 through July 7 at the Boys and Girls Club in Kerby. According to ODHS staffer Bethany Howe, they had five people cool off on the holiday and then up to 13 people Sunday.
Volunteer Chris Granville showed up to help pass out water and snacks and then traveled with the team to Immanuel Methodist Church in Cave Junction July 8. Howe said they had 23 people come to the church Monday and had plans to be there through July 10.
Due to evening programming at the church, the cooling center moved its station to Jubilee Park Monday with a little help from Illinois Valley Wellness Resources Programs Director Laura Mancuso. With approval from the city of Cave Junction staff, Mancuso opened the pavilion gate so that the cooling center could be held in the shade. Residents sitting under a tree in the park came in right away to get cold water and snacks.
Despite the high temperatures, Ceron said, “Everyone in Cave Junction has been so polite and thankful that we are here.”