Tee Tattler

Hello from the Illinois Valley Country Club!
In this week’s exciting action – the top five men’s twilight league leaderboard:
Cascade Auto-193.5
Bub Bros-183
Taylor’s Sausage-180.5
Bogey Nights-173.5
True Value-168
In Ladies Thursday evening fun, just a few this week as there were a couple birthday parties in town. I did see the Nolan girls out there and Beth, Melissa and Kacy were also out. Rowdy and his friends were also out there, and there was a pretty large group of guys playing skins. I fixed a couple of wayward sprinklers and then mowed the dry pond, holy cow that wild mint smells strong this time of year.
Friday night we had a real nice turnout for Friday Family friends and kids’ night.
On Saturday we held our annual GREENSKEEPERS REVENGE tournament. Todd, Jesse and Graham went out and put the teebox markers in some crazy locations. The tee for #6 was directly behind a large oak, when I went out before the tournament started, I could hear bees buzzing nearby as well, good thing nobody got stung, but that’s just another aspect of the Greenskeepers Revenge tournament I guess. The pins were set very close to the edges of the greens and we watched gleefully as putts either rolled off the green from the high side or came up from the low side, looped around the hole and rolled all the way back down the side of the green. Some impressive scores were carded, miraculously. First place were Jeff Nichols, Ron Hults and David Scott. Of course I could hear David’s patented “let’s go!” all day, as they sunk wild putts somehow. Second place were Todd Johan, Jesse Cross and James Osburn. Third were Matt and Myles Stone with Mason Richardson- Mason is 15 years old and can compete against any person on the course with monster drives, accurate chip shots and deadly putts. Fourth was a tie with the kid’s team of Scottie Kern, Rowdy Stone and Kenny tied with Ken Armstead and Larry and Melissa Becker, Melissa has really developed her long shots and is hitting as far as most of the men now. And bringing up the rear were my team of Rhino Prince, Mike Duffy and me. I got long drive on #6, after somehow making it around the oak tree, Mason drove his ball much further than mine but he didn’t buy into the pool so I collected $7. KPs were won by Todd and _. Afterward, we enjoyed some pizza from Pappy’s Pub and a nice salad made by Casey Taylor.
Me and Eugene went out and inspected green’s sprinklers to see if we could figure out how to get more even coverage and found some new sprinkler tips that spread the stream more effectively, hope to cut watering times while getting better coverage this week.
And Sunday evening we had Matt, Todd, Dylan with Mattie, Graham with Odie, Poke, Ty and Paul Miller was in the clubhouse getting some dinner from Gimmie’s and I grabbed him and he couldn’t say “no” to taking our money. Dylan got first skin with a nice birdie on #11, Paul hit a monster drive on #12 that was nearly on the green and ended up with birdie for the second skin. Nobody hit the green on #13 from the way back teebox so that money was carried over. Paul was way deep again on #15, got his ball on the green on his second shot for an Eagle attempt, he got the ball very close and tapped in for another birdie and skin. On #16, I waited patiently while everyone hit decent shots from an extra long teebox left over from the placement during the Greenskeepers Revenge. I pulled out a little more club than I needed and swung softly. My ball hit the center of the green and stuck nicely for a potential KP, that is, if..I could make the birdie or even par putt. When we got to the green, our pin setter had neglected to move the pin from the edge of the green and on a steep slope. I complained but the guys only laughed at me. I lagged my putt to the edge, hoping to stop near the top of the slope so that I could tap in a short putt. Of course the ball rolled past the cup and all the way down the fringe. I bravely struck the ball hard on the uphill putt and it rimmed the cup but didn’t go in, stealing away my KP. On #17, with a 2-carryover KP pot on the line, D’Lynn hit one pretty close and took the money. And on #18, Todd, Ty, D’Lynn and Graham were all on the green, putting for birdie. D’Lynn was substantially closer than the others and watched as each failed to make birdie. On his turn, I could see his knees quaking as he lined up his putt, the drama thickened as he stepped away and then back again several times. He launched the putt and it zipped quickly to the hole, hitting the back of the cup and hopping into the air, then dropping in with a clunk for the last skin.
Next up—Saturday is our annual Alumni Tournament, with the big wedding tents, live band, great conversation and Splash for Cash!
Kids league is Thursday, and remember, kids 17 and under always play for free at IVCC!