Tales from the Rural Patrol

(Editor’s note: Factual information for ‘Tales’ is provided by the Josephine County Sheriff’s Office. All persons listed are innocent until proven guilty in a court of law. Charges can be amended or dismissed.)

June 21
*An altercation occurred between two men in Grants Pass for some reason involving dogs. The reporting person stated that a man named “Durham” attempted to hit him three to four times while he was picking up a motorcycle, but was able to block the punches. He said he wanted to report the incident in case Durham “sniped” him. Ultimately, the only consequences were issued to Rebecca Trujillo for a citation to appear in the Josephine County Circuit Court for a potentially dangerous dog, though there was no altercation between dogs.

June 22
*Matthew Merrifield was arrested in Cave Junction behind Trillium Bakery because of a previous felony warrant for post-prison supervision violation for possession of methamphetamines.
*A red truck was pulled over to warn the driver that she had no license plates. They stated that she was driving because it was hot and she has no air conditioning.
*Tyler Bryant was detained for driving while suspended.

June 23
*A couple was caught having some afternoon delight by a playground in the grass after concerned parents called authorities after removing their children from the area because of the R rated activities. The unnamed couple were taken into custody. Perhaps their names were “Ooh” and “Lalala.”
*Daleleah Compton was taken in on charges of unlawfully using a weapon and assault.

June 24

*Michael Mattera was arrested after jumping in and out of traffic and flipping people off near Lincoln Savage High School, but also a felony warrant from Tacoma on a failure to appear charge for burglary.
*In Merlin, a motorcycle rider was pulled over for not wearing a helmet, improper display, and careless, unsafe passing. The rider stated to the officer that he was in a hurry to get home because he was bringing his wife a sandwich. Let’s hope it was a nice pastrami on rye.

June 25
*Anthony Hindle was arrested without bail on a previous warrant from the Warren Creek Correctional Facility on charges of escape from trans-leave.
June 26
*Jessica Peat-Lessard was cited to appear in the JoCo Court for criminal mischief and assault.
*Apparently in relation to the above post, Deborah Hanson was arrested on charges of criminal trespass after a neighbor called authorities to report that their belongings were missing. They saw Hanson’s vehicle in their yard, but they were gone when the law showed up. About an hour and a half later, the neighbor called back advising that both subjects were in their yard again. One of the perps said they were evicted due to non-payment, and that “a lot of the stuff stolen” was taken from a deceased neighbor. Keep it classy!

June 27
*In the back lot of WalMart, Joshua M. Delkittie had his driver’s license confiscated due to being suspended, and following another vehicle too closely right meow. Sabrina Wilson was taken to the county jail, as well as Skylar Melton, both on failure to appear on charges for theft/and or trespassing. Only last names “Pope” and “Guion” were included in the report, leading to further investigation and an arrest. It’s unclear who did what, but it sounds like a typical day at the big box store.