Tales from the Rural Patrol

(Editor’s note: Factual information for ‘Tales’ is provided by the Josephine County Sheriff’s Office. All persons listed are innocent until proven guilty in a court of law. Charges can be amended or dismissed.)

June 14
*Jered Michael Rondeau’s vehicle was towed after he was arrested for reckless driving and DUII.
*Logan F. Handel, the driver of a red Mustang was cited for speeding. Mustang Logan, guess you better slow your Mustang down.
*At Redwood Highway and Laurel Road, Ray’eena Desiree Giles was pulled over and subsequently had her license plates taken away as the registration was last renewed in 2006. We all procrastinate, but she was cited for driving while suspended and uninsured.
*Arizona resident Zhengping Ji was going a little too fast on Redwood Highway near Big Springs Drive and was given a citation.
*Meia Weller was arrested for parole violation on Merlin Road.

June 15
*No reports were made on this fine day.

June 16
*After an employee of a store in the 6400 block of Williams Highway called authorities to complain about a woman who was helping herself to coffee and sitting on the service counter, Sandy Mary Guy was taken to the sobering center in GP.
*Gunshots were reported in the 9000 block of Takilma Road and a man and a woman were seen walking in opposite directions shortly after. Solana Rae Costello claimed she had nothing to do with the original report, but was arrested anyway for failure to appear stemming from a previous criminal mischief charge.
*Deputies didn’t give a pass away to John Gassaway after finding him in possession of methamphetamines at a camp under a bridge on the Illinois River. He was arrested and taken to the JoCo pokey and also charged with failure to appear from Umatilla County.

June 17
*An officer deemed an un-plated vehicle also unsafe on Ort Lane, and the driver was given a ticket for driving while suspended and failure to renew registration.
*A woman called 911 after finding her mother with a black eye had locked herself in her truck after being beat up by the caller’s niece who lives in a trailer on the property. The woman then went into the residence and found that her niece, Nicole Wee, was in a locked bathroom taking a shower, and had left a one-year-old child unattended in a bathtub with about 4 inches of water in it. It was undetermined how long the baby was left alone. Wee was said to have “anger issues.” She (Wee) did not get off squeaky clean, despite her shower, and was jailed on charges of child neglect and attempted assault.

June 18
*A couple of minor traffic violations were reported in the Grants Pass area, but that’s about all for the day.

June 19
*Melissa Kreuger was arrested for assault on Tunnel Loop Road after hitting a man with an “old fashioned camera lens.” He claimed he “didn’t shove her” because she was armed with what might have been a butterknife, and feared that she would stab him. Never a dull moment around here.
*Brian Simpson was also arrested on assault charges, though no photography equipment was mentioned.
*Courtney Goff was “detained constructively” and arrested pertaining to a criminal mischief warrant.
*Yet another report of a relative with anger issues led to the arrest of Tevon J. McCornack after his grandfather became suspicious of a dead deer on the property with no bullet wounds. He suspected it was poisoned. Upon talking to the grandson, he admitted to throwing rocks at the shop, causing monetary damage, because was frustrated about noise coming from shop waking him up. He agreed to move his tent to the other side of the property to avoid contact with his grandpa, but only after getting out of jail on criminal mischief charges.

June 20
*An arrest warrant was served at the jail on NE F Street, and the subject was released for treatment.

*That’s it for now, thanks for picking up this week’s copy of the Illinois Valley News!