Good Shepherd Lutheran

Jesus Is in the Boat – Mark 4:35-41

Our lesson today is from Mark, and Jesus is calming the sea. So here are these guys in a boat, and keep in mind, many of them are experienced fishermen who know these waters better than anyone. But even they’re starting to panic. It’s nighttime, and it’s dark, and the winds and the waves are too much for them. The storm is starting to fill the boat with water. Will they make it? Or will this be the end of everything for them?
But remember who’s in the boat with them. It’s Jesus. Their master and their teacher. And these disciples have seen Jesus do some amazing things. They’ve seen Jesus heal diseases and cast out demons. He seems to have an inside track with God so, maybe He can help. But He’s asleep! Here we are, about to drown, and He’s sleeping!
Do you ever feel like the disciples? Do you ever ask yourself, where’s God? Where is He in all this? Doesn’t He know what I’m going through? Why doesn’t He do something about it? He’s got the power and I know He loves me. At least I think He does. So why is He letting me suffer like this? Don’t you care, Lord?
That was how the disciples felt. But once Jesus woke up, He showed them that He really did care. That He wasn’t going to let them perish. He rebukes the wind and says to the sea, “Peace! Be still!” And it was so. And evening and morning were the… Oops! Wrong story. That’s the Creation account, isn’t it? God speaks, and it is so. And that’s the point, isn’t it? Jesus here is demonstrating authority over nature itself. Over the created order. And only God can do that.
Jesus exercises this power in connection with His care and concern for His followers. And more importantly, He’s got the power and authority to do something about it on their behalf. This is comforting. This is encouraging.
And we need to remember that. Jesus isn’t going to let us perish. We won’t perish eternally. Instead, we’ll live, and live forever, because Jesus Christ is exercising His authority on our behalf. He speaks, and we’re saved. He speaks to the wind and the waves saying, “Peace! Be still!” and they’re at peace. They become still. The word of the Lord makes things happen.
It’s the same for us today. We have that same Savior in our boat. The disciples, you and me, we’re all in the same boat. With Jesus. And that’s a good place to be. “Peace! Be still!” He says to the wind and the waves. “Peace! Be still!” He says to our fearful hearts.
So still your fears and be calm. Jesus is in the boat.