From the mayor’s desk: Meadow Martell

Thursday, June 20 marked the first day of summer, also known as Summer Solstice, the point when the sun is in its most northern position directly over the Tropic of Cancer. Saturday June 22 the Hathkapasuta River Celebration at Forks State Park was a great way to celebrate the rivers and forests that are critical parts of the region where we live. It was a beautiful day full of fun activities, music, artisan booths and friends. It’s easy to take our surroundings for granted, so it’s good every so often to step back and gaze in appreciation and celebrate a beautiful summer day to honor the river, condors, art, nature, salmon and one another.
Free concerts in Jubilee Park are happening Thursdays at 6 p.m. This is a great time to visit friends and enjoy a picnic while listening to live local music. Another positive activity in our park is the Wednesday free lunch for those who need it. Volunteers and businesses provide food for people in our community who need it. The Parks & Recreation Committee is still planning on the Spray Pad opening sometime in July. They are testing systems and putting together an information Kiosk with information about spray pad safety and spray behavior rules.
The Illinois Valley Library expansion and remodeling is moving along. The new roof should be finished soon, the cabinets for the community room have been approved and are in construction, irrigation and landscaping is being planned and the storm water runoff system is going in this week. Ausland, the construction contractor, is still estimating that their portion will be finished in August. Former State Representative Lilly Morgan currently the city administrator in Gold Hill was able to visit last week to see what her support has accomplished.
Summer is also a time for travel and vacation. I will be spending the next few weeks with my daughter, Cara Rose, who lives in Townsville, Australia. She will be visiting Oregon June 26 to July 17. I plan on spending as much time as possible with her as she travels around Oregon and Washington visiting friends and family. Our City Council President Jean Ann Miles will be standing in for me as the mayor during the time I am away.