Tales from the Rural Patrol

(Editor’s note: Factual information for ‘Tales’ is provided by the Josephine County Sheriff’s Office. All persons listed are innocent until proven guilty in a court of law. Charges can be amended or dismissed.)

June 7
*A driver was taken into custody after charges of driving while suspended and parole violation. Levi Torres was taken to the county jail.
*A Chevy Tahoe was towed after Brandee Cline was cited for driving while suspended, and no insurance or registration.

June 8
A driver on N.E. Savage was witnessed by law enforcement weaving in and out of traffic, using no turn signals, and accelerating quickly multiple times. When the officer turned on his “pull over” lights, he had to speed up to attempt to stop the driver, who then disappeared, but soon emerged from a bank parking lot. Michael Harlan finally stopped for the police, stating, “I fu*ed up!” and initially stated that he wasn’t trying to avoid them, and had gone to the bank to withdraw money. When the deputy asked him to provide proof of that transaction, Harlan was unable to. When asked if he was lying, he simply answered, “Yeah…” He was detained in the JoCo Jail.

June 9
*Upon arrival to retrieve their unaltered 4-year Great Pyrenees at the animal shelter, the owners became upset when asked why the dog was so skinny, and began recording the authorities with their phone, asking why we would ask that question. They were issued a warning letter, and advised that if the dog was found off their property again, they would be cited. They became agitated once again, and stated how hard it is to live in Cave Junction, and that their dog “Testches” was a livestock guardian animal that protects multiple properties beyond the 40 acres they live on, and has permission to be on over 7 miles of property. Christopher Basar was cited to appear at the JoCo circuit court for one count of ORS 609.100 K9 licensing.
*Nikki Proctor was cited for speeding at the rate of 96 in a 55mph zone.
*Alyssa Pepper was cited for criminal driving while suspended or revoked.
*John Cavanagh was arrested after being found at the Tin Cup campground on original charges of strangulation, and being a transitional leave violator. The warrant left no room for bail for the guy. Cody Weaver was also found at the camp, and was detained on charges of theft and criminal mischief.
June 9
*A 911 call was received where the dispatcher could hear a female screaming, requesting an ambulance because a male had punched her in the face, and that her 9-year-old daughter had been pushed to the ground. The operator could hear a man and a woman yelling, he telling her to “get out”, and she telling him to “get away from her.” There were children in the residence, and the caller claimed to have seen the assault on video chat. The male subject was arrested on two counts of harassment and attempted assault. The arrestee went unnamed, but don’t get a speeding ticket…we’ll all know.
June 10
*A concerned co-worker of a person who stated on a video chat that they had taken 30 Clonopin pills, and stated, “I’m ready to die,” and “I keep falling and need help,” was quick to call 911. AMR responded and took the person to Three Rivers Medical Center. They were conscious and breathing, but very lethargic.

June 11
*A driver near Fish Hatchery Road was cited for driving while suspended and given a warning for an ongoing issue with their 2 to 3 dogs running loose in the area.
*Somehow, a presumptive 6 grams of methamphetamine were “introduced” to the county jail.

June 12
*Numerous drivers were cited for speeding, including one who admitted to it, because they were running late to the airport. We all know how stressful that can be, especially if you’re stuck behind a tractor in a no-passing zone.
*Zachariah Heath Thomas was detained on a parole violation offense.

*A man’s stepson alerted authorities that his stepfather had broken down his door and put a hole in the wall. Authorities were advised that the man, Gary Baker, usually carries a “bag” of weapons. Family members were there trying to talk him down when the call was disconnected. He was subsequently placed on a peace officer’s mental hold, and lodged at Three Rivers Medical Center.
*Offensive littering was the charge after a report of someone moving a trailer and car that did not belong to her. Jennifer Nightengale admitted that she knew she was wrong, and told officers that she will move them back.

June 13
*Jasmine N. Diaz was arrested for interfering with a peace officer after a domestic issue on Skycrest Avenue. An unidentified male was acting suspicious around the area of the incident, but officers did not believe he was related to this call.

*An argument led to the arrest of Justin Lee Brighman when it was reported that he had grabbed the caller as they were attempting to leave, causing significant bruising and pain. Brighman has felony warrant charges, probation violation, dangerous drugs, and failure to comply of probation for possession of a controlled substance due to the incident.
*A chocolate Lab’s owners were warned to keep him on their property.
*Various people were cited for speeding, driving while suspended, and failure to register their vehicles. At least one person’s father was called to drive the vehicle home. Thanks, dad!