Tee Tattler

Hello from the Illinois Valley Country Club golf course!
Well, we finally have the current standings for the Men’s Club Twilight league.
1st-Taylor’s Sausage
2nd-Tony’s Trucking
3rd-Cascade Auto
4th-True Value
5th-tie Valley Fab, Waldamar Ranch
7th-tie Bud Bros, Bogey Nights
9th-Greyback Logging
10th-Kerby Electric
11th-White’s Excavation
12th-Jerry’s Towing
13th-The Kidz
In Ladies’ Club action, Kasy and Emily shot a 42, Beth and Melissa shot a 45. This week they should have a larger turnout because it looks nice to be nice and cool. Emily says that she was happy because she hit past the white rock on #6. I saw Melissa out on the course on Saturday by herself—good for Melissa.
Some of the guys traveled to Grants Pass Golf Course to participate in the annual Chapman Tournament. Danny and James R, Todd and Dave Muswieck, and Bruce and Jonathan Reese had teams. At the Calcutta auction on Friday night, Danny won the 50/50 drawing for a payout of $1,800, so he didn’t have to really compete to come out ahead on the money department. Todd verified that he didn’t ha ha. Todd and Dave got fifth net and tied with Bruce and Jonathan Reese.
In skins action, we played Friday night and a lot of guys must be gardening because only had eight guys showed up. Emily brought Ash and Grey, Sue Kern played without Scott and Odie came with Graham. D’Lynn birdied #1 and #2 for skins. James got par on #14 for a skin. D’Lynn parred #17 for a skin and also got the KPs. On Sunday, John got a par for a skin and Dave chipped in for birdie on #1 for another skin.
I took a little jaunt down to the river sump hole and had to prune the blackberries off of the stairway that goes down to the water. I stood on a nest of fierce, biting ants and spent a bit of time swatting them off of me. I had turned on the power panel button on #5 fairway a few days prior to coming to check the pump. Then I flipped the switch on the pump but nothing happened. I checked the wires and they were attached, so I made my way back up the hill, across the bridge, across the fields, through the back gate and found that someone had turned the panel off. I turned it back on and made sure that I could hear the transformer buzzing and retraced my steps back to the river. I flipped the switch on and the pump fired right up. I turned it off to allow it to purge a little mud. Then flipped it back on and checked the output, it was running 98 gallons a minute. I made my way back down the stairway, past the ants’ nest and opened the valve a bit more and it came up to 120 gallons a minute. Pretty satisfied with that, I made my way back to the bridge and closed the winter drain valve. I reached the outlet where it pours into the freshwater pond and was pleased with a huge cascade of water.
Whoo! Ready for summer! I then retrieved all of the golf balls out of the dried up effluent pond and was highly disappointed to find only about 6 gallons of balls. Normally I collect about a 55 gallon barrel-full, hmmm. It was kind of nice only taking about an hour to finish but we can sure use those balls on the driving range.
The practice green is now ready for putting and the bare spots are really filling in quickly. Now if I can just find the practice green cups…
And finally, Tracy invited me to come (pay for her golf) with her and some friends from Medford to play Dutcher Creek. We split up into two groups and had a pretty nice day out there, just about the right temperature – not too hot and nice and breezy. There is a dogleg left hole that goes around the little pond and I couldn’t believe that I hit my drive all the way to the corner and left myself only a 20-yard chip into the green. Of course, I chunked the chip shot but still ended up with par. We had a nice Italian dinner afterward that I convinced Tracy to pay for and she willingly paid for the food but would not pay for my two glasses of Cabernet, ha ha.
**Kids’ golf starts on June 13, get your kids, grandkids, nieces, nephews and even great-grandkids signed up.
**Next tournament will be the Greenskeepers Revenge, 4-person scramble. Tight, fast greens, pins in ridiculous locations, teeboxes behind trees, mowing equipment, and maybe even a sprinkler or two left on, too fun!