Tales from the Rural Patrol

(Editor’s note: Factual information for ‘Tales’ is provided by the Josephine County Sheriff’s Office. All persons listed are innocent until proven guilty in a court of law. Charges can be amended or dismissed.)

May 8
*According to an officer who witnessed a man who was almost hit by 2 cars, he appeared to be “playing Frogger with vehicles”, the man stated he was off his meds, tried to lie about his name, and said, “I crossed the street to cross the street again to get back to the other side.” Jeffrey M. Richards was taken in on a welfare check near Dowell Road.
*A grey van was cited for going 91 in a 65-mph zone. Well, the driver was cited, it wasn’t the van’s fault!

May 9
*Nicholas Scuitto violated a restraining order when he showed to his parent’s house to talk about a phone issue he was upset about. A fight ensued, and Nick took his dad to the ground, leaving with several cuts and scrapes to his arms. He then pulled a knife on his mother, warning her, “Don’t call the cops!” The subject then ran around the yard, and the parents locked themselves into the house. Sciutto was detained and taken to the hospital with a self-inflicted injury to his neck, released after treatment then taken into custody.
*An ex-boyfriend who had previously been trespassed showed up to his ex’s property, walked into the house and became violent, threatening to fight. He then stated that his ex’s brother was going to kill her, though the brother is the one who called 911. Michael Baze was arrested for trespassing after refusing to leave.
*Jason E. Tams was taken in for a burglary parole violation.

May 10
*Two separate animal complaints were received on this day.
-Puppies on the loose! Anna M. Moritz stated that the last three of her 5-month-old puppies were being taken to WalMart to attempt to rehome them. She was advised to call back for spaying and neutering options.
-On Brookside Blvd., a citation was issued to Shana O’Keefe regarding her dog attacking and killing a Chihuahua. She had an appointment with the animal shelter to redeem her dog’s status, but did not show up. There have been multiple complaints regarding the K9, and she was advised that she would be held liable for the dog’s future actions if non-compliant.
*John Johann was arrested on a Josephine County Sheriff’s felony warrant on charges of theft, criminal mischief, eluding and possession of methamphetamine.
*Antonio Sandoval was booked on charges of criminal trespass.

  • Somebody’s brother-in-law called in to report a possible domestic violence situation, but stated that he was keeping the victim and the abuser separated for the time being. The subject’s girlfriend/fiancée was bleeding heavily from her head, but claimed that she “fell.” Jesse Hatcher was arrested, regardless of what he or she said on Deer Creek Road.
    *An elderly couple called to complain about a “weird tweaker lady” who was throwing rocks at vehicles and attempting to shut a gate that was not her own. She is in her late 30s, around 5-feet-6, with dark, dishwater blonde hair. The couple says this is the 3rd time she has entered the property, and they think that she knows they are elderly and alone. The unnamed tweaker was taken into custody and detained at the sobering center. May 11
    *Bella Jacobo was cited on charges of driving while suspended and speeding.
    *Ronald Fehlhaber was cited near Eight Dollar Mountain for driving while suspended, having no insurance, and warned for failure to register his vehicle.
    *A man was given a courtesy ride to his residence after being charged with reckless driving and DUII.

May 12
*A person driving a Mini Cooper made the amazing choice of signaling as if to turn right off of Redwood Highway at Hubbard Ln., then swerving back onto the highway, almost causing an accident. They brilliantly “brake-checked” the car behind them, only admitting to the officer that pulled them over that they “thought he was someone else, not a cop.” It was, in fact, a police officer that they made great life choices in front of.
*Reports of a woman who was “undiagnosed bi-polar and a heavy alcoholic” were made by family members on Azalea Drive. Apparently, she had consumed a liter of tequila, and was in her mother’s face, kicking and screaming, passed out twice, and told family members that she “wanted to get a knife and slit everyone’s throats” in the household, and jump in front of a car. The family did not want to press charges after the altercation, but the subject was transported to the hospital by AMR.

May 13
*An accident with injuries occurred on Lower River Road involving four juveniles and two adults. The driver of a 2004 Honda Pilot passed and T-boned a ’95 Nissan driver who was turning left into their driveway. Though the driver of the Nissan had a bleeding head injury, they denied medical treatment.
*Zachary Sparks was arrested on a Josephine County Sheriff’s felony warrant for possession of a controlled substance (meth), reckless driving, driving while suspended and eluding a police officer on his black/primer gray bike.

That’s all folks!

May 29 addition
May 14
*Dominick Aragon was taken to the pokey for a probation violation stemming from selling cocaine.
*When pulled over for unreadable plates on Railroad Avenue, the driver was unable to provide identification. Police asked if they had a suspended license, to which they replied, “I believe so.”
*Lewis Rossiter refused to get out of his White GMC truck when asked by authorities. He was arrested on Riverbanks Road near Mint Lane.

May 15
*Lee David Wilson was lodged in the JoCo jail on a statewide felony warrant for probation violation.
*Near the Red Robin in Grants Pass, 2 stolen Stihl leaf blowers were recovered. Mark Ellis Fitzpatrick was deemed responsible for the theft.

May 16
*James D. Patterson and Kacee L. Farwell were booked due to unlawful use of a weapon, criminal mischief, and felon in possession.
*Jason Eldred’s vehicle was towed after he consented to a search. Several car stereos and miscellaneous tools were found, and he was subsequently transported to and lodged in the JoCo jail.
*Nothing was really that funny this week.
That’s all folks!