Tales from the Rural Patrol

(Editor’s note: Factual information for ‘Tales’ is provided by the Josephine County Sheriff’s Office. All persons listed are innocent until proven guilty in a court of law. Charges can be amended or dismissed.)

May 2
*On New Hope Road, the driver of a Ford Winstar was warned about speeding in a school zone and driving uninsured. We’ve all been late for class, but don’t risk a ticket!
*A driver with unreadable Washington plates was cited for driving while suspended.

May 3
*Matthew McMahan was taken to the sobering center in Grants Pass after his vehicle was towed for DUII charges.
*Jason Maldonado was pulled over on NE F St. for reasons unknown, but was subsequently taken to the Josephine County Jail on charges of driving while suspended, no insurance, and no registration, as well as a warrant from Del Norte County for multiple DUII’s.
*A caller provided photo evidence of multiple dogs constantly being in the road on Thornbrook Drive. Megan Sue Leffler was cited and advised to make sure that her dogs were licensed and up to date on their rabies vaccinations by a certain date.
*Edward McWest was taken into custody, but quickly released after being cited for expired registration, no insurance, and no driver’s license. He was warned if he was found driving again without these required documents, his vehicle would be towed.
*On S. Kerby and Watkins, Kristle L. Smart was arrested without bail on charges of escaping from community custody from the Washington Department of Corrections. It doesn’t sound like a “smart” decision on her part.
*A driver of a pickup truck painted like Old Glory was warned for not having license plates. They had the title and explained they were working on getting the registration transferred.

May 4
*Multiple reports of a man in black wearing a cape and a mask committing numerous crimes were reported. Law enforcement took custody of Darth Vader, AKA Anakin Skywalker, and he was jailed on charges of burglary, genocide, murder, kidnapping, false imprisonment, and torture. May the fourth be with you.
*A citation was issued on Foothill Rd. to a citizen for driving while uninsured, failure to renew registration, and driving while suspended.
*Charles Rider/Nelson was warned for speeding on Redwood Avenue.
May 5
*“Brodi” was cited for speeding in the slow lane on I-99 near Hubbard Lane. He admitted to speeding to get away from another speeding vehicle.
*Near the old Radio Shack, “Bella” was warned for improper display of a license plate and driving while suspended.
*Clifford Rapstine was charged with theft and a probation violation detainer after he was found driving a stolen vehicle. He told law enforcement that the owner of the car allowed him to use it. There were 2 dogs in the vehicle, which belonged to the owner of the car, who then took possession of said vehicle and K9s. Hmmm…
*A single vehicle accident occurred near Foothill Blvd., taking out a large section of fencing, but luckily, there were no injuries. The driver stated there was a firearm in the vehicle, and was arrested on DUII charges, and the damaged vehicle was towed. The property owner stated that there were 5 to 7 thousand dollars in damage.
*Another Speedy Gonzales was cited for going 94 in a 55-mph zone. “Arriba, arriba! Andale, andale!”

May 6
*A domestic disturbance was reported on Hidden Acres Road. Apparently, the husband has dementia and was getting violent with his wife, leading her to throwing things at him to keep him away. She hung up on 911 when he kept following her. He then got a knife and said, “I’m gonna take care of whoever it is that you’re seeing!” Apparently, the man sees and hears people who aren’t there, is also diabetic and hides his medication.
*Chad Shinerock was arrested on charges of domestic violence and strangulation on Rockydale Road. Both the subject and the victim were in a physical altercation when Shinerock choked her in front of the children, ages 4 and 9, which led to difficulty breathing. The victim went to wake children up at 4 a.m. where he and the kids were sleeping, and Shinerock attempted to block her. The victim’s mother stated that she was taking her daughter and her kids to another part of the house to separate for the night.

May 7
*The Humane Society called concerning a man who was watching the building. They were concerned due to recent theft from their shed by transients.
*Steven McGoogan pushed his mother into a wall on Dowell Road, and was arrested for menacing and harassment. He admitted that he was intoxicated.
*Willie James Nelson was charged with reckless driving and DUII. He should have waited to get on the road again.

For May 22

May 8
*According to an officer who witnessed a man who was almost hit by 2 cars, he appeared to be “playing Frogger with vehicles”, the man stated he was off his meds, tried to lie about his name, and said, “I crossed the street to cross the street again to get back to the other side.” Jeffrey M. Richards was taken in on a welfare check near Dowell Road.
*A grey van was cited for going 91 in a 65-mph zone. Well, the driver was cited, it wasn’t the van’s fault!
May 9
*Nicholas Scuitto violated a restraining order when he showed to his parent’s house to talk about a phone issue he was upset about. A fight ensued, and Nick took his dad to the ground, leaving with several cuts and scrapes to his arms. He then pulled a knife on his mother, warning her, “Don’t call the cops!” The subject then ran around the yard, and the parents locked themselves into the house. Sciutto was detained and taken to the hospital with a self-inflicted injury to his neck, released after treatment then taken into custody.
*An ex-boyfriend who had previously been trespassed showed up to his exe’s property, walked into the house and became violent, threatening to fight. He then stated that his exe’s brother was going to kill her, though the brother is the one who called 911. Michael Baze was arrested for trespassing after refusing to leave.
*Jason E. Tams was taken in for a burglary parole violation.
That’s all folks!