Seventh Day Adventist

Lessons from the Law of Gravity
Gravity seems powerful when a plane crashes, or when a boulder plummets to the ground.
But gravity is not as strong as other natural forces. It is 1000 billion billion times weaker than nuclear force or electromagnetism.
The weakness of gravity Illustrated: If you dip your finger into water and lift it out, a tiny drop will cling to your skin. The bonding in that single drop of water overpowers the gravity of an entire planet. Gravity will cause an iron nail to fall to the floor, but a small magnet, not much bigger than the nail, wins that battle by easily picking it up.
Gravity is the attractive force between objects. Although it is weak by comparison to other forces, its strength is in how far it reaches. It keeps the earth and planets in orbit around the sun. The International Space Station stays in orbit by gravity at an altitude of approximately 250 miles. The “weak” power of gravity is the glue that holds galaxies together.
Without gravity, the earth would explode into pieces. Without it, our own cells would not survive because they require oxygen that is kept on earth by gravity. In short, gravity keeps us wrapped tight.
Gravity points to the creative power of God. With the help of gravity, life exists. The Creator of this attractional force sustains our lives by means of the very force that He set up. At any moment He could switch the off button and we would all die. He doesn’t do this, but many ignore the fact that He keeps us alive moment by moment. “In Him we live and move and have our being,” (Acs 17.28).
A spiritual lesson is also found in comparing the weakness of gravity to the passive Christian virtues. Humble folks are often ot as highly esteemed as more aggressive, successful types. People who forgive easily are sometimes despised. Being a good follower is not valued as much as being a good leader. But imagine what life would be like if humility, forgiveness, and cooperation did not exist. Life would be chaotic and we would destroy each other in short order.
What can keep us attracted to each other? Being “quick to listen, slow to speak and slow to becomecome angry”(JamesJames 11.19). Thank God,it is possible.by His grace.