Tee Tattler

Hello from the fabulous golf course at the Illinois Valley Country Club!
In this week’s action, Men’s Club League is fully underway.
Teams include:
Jerry’s Towing
True Value
Cascade Auto
Kerby Electric
Taylor’s Sausage
Greyback Logging
White’s Excavation
Waldamar Ranch
Bud Bros
Valley Fab
Bogey Knights
Tony’s Trucking
Scottie, Rowdy, Kenny, Skyler
We are still establishing handicaps so the scores have not been posted as of yet, hopefully next week we will have the leaderboard scores and standings.
The Lady’s Club has also begun and had four teams show up on a kind of blustery Thursday evening. It sure is nice to see some old (not old faces, but familiar…I mean,…aww, you know what I mean!) faces out there, ladies who are playing other courses and have returned to the safety of the little I.V. course. They play a scramble format which is nice and comfortable for beginners as only the best shot is chosen out of the team’s four shots and then everyone plays from that spot, so not only does the game go fast, but there is no pressure to make good shots, only just to make a contribution, maybe a nice putt or chip.
On Saturday we had eight guys travel over to Applegate for their little spring opener. Trey reported that he drove the #4 green, which is a 300 yard hole, going uphill about 80 vertical feet and across the irrigation canal. The green is two-tiered green with a good slope in part of it, challenging but fun to putt on.
In skins action, we had five guys show up on Sunday afternoon for a Cinco De Mayo game. Graham, James, Jesse, John and myself braved the cool, misty evening. Graham’s dog, Odie also ran along with us. We started off with bogies on #10, John missed a two footer that would have been par and the first skin. On #11, Graham and I were on putting for birdies but settled for pars. On #12, Graham hit his drive all the way to about 50 feet from the green. He put it on and putted for birdie but ended up with par for the first skin. Nobody got a ball on the green on #13 so no KP there and all bogies so no skin either. On #14 Graham and I putted for birdies but I three-putted, gifting Graham another skin, boy is it a long way from the lower level on the front of that green up to the pin on top! On #15 from the back teebox, Graham and John both chipped for Eagle, putted for birdie and ended up with pars. On the difficult #16, hitting over the pond, I was the only shot on the green, setting me up nicely for a skin and KP. My first putt came up pretty short, leaving me about 6 feet for the par and the validation that the low-handicap guys now make us do to collect the KP. Of course my ball hit a small dip, ran the inside of the cup and jumped out the back, so no KP and no skin. On #17, James hit his well and the ball ran to the back edge of the green but stayed on, my ball hit the center of the green and stayed on, unfortunately, the pin was on the far left side. John was last up and hit a beauty, about 5 feet from the cup. He waited until everyone had finished and tapped his putt too lightly, the ball rolled up to the edge and sat there for a moment, then dropped in for a 2, giving him the carry-over KPs of $15 and a skin. On #18, Jesse decided that he would like to be in the paper so he teed up on the wrong teebox, here you are Jesse! John hit way down into the corner for a great tee shot, backed that up with a duff shot that made it just over the ditch, then a nice shot that at first looked like it would curve out into the range but ended up at the base of the green. Graham put his third shot on and had about 20 feet for birdie. He ended up with another par and another skin for a payout of $37.50, John collected $12.50 for his skin.
We met up with Poke and Taylor at Carlos for a nice dinner and they brought Suzan, who used to be one of the stalwarts of the course back in the day. John and I went out and got Wanda and D’Lynn and his younger brother, Cody met us and we had a real nice time watching Paola dance to the Mariachi music, dressed in her lovely white lace Cinco de Mayo dress.
**Queens of the Greens ladies tournament is this weekend, going to be hot and dusty so get a team together and have some fun out there!
**Chuck Taylor tournament is the following Saturday, always a fun day out there with family and friends, raising a few bucks for sand and fertilizer for the greens. Come see the new practice putting green almost ready for putting.
**And remember that kids 17 and under always play for free at IVCC!