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Readers sounds off on unhoused
The number of unhoused people has increased in the Illinois Valley. It is critical for elected officials and community leaders to turn to real solutions, and not responses that are for political reasons, that are ineffective and inhumane, such as fining, ticketing, arresting, or otherwise punishing people for not having a home.
Criminalization is not a solution to homelessness. Arrests, fines, jail time, and criminal records make it more difficult for individuals to access the housing, employment, and healthcare needed to exit homelessness. Criminalization is ineffective and expensive and will only fuel racial inequities in our community. Instead, the public must demand that elected officials follow the evidence on what works.
Luckily, decades of evidence make clear that the best way to address homelessness is to provide people with affordable, stable housing and supportive services, like case management, healthcare, and mental health and substance use services.
Rather than allowing our elected officials to waste resources on failed, inhumane approaches, we must hold them accountable and demand real investments in what works – supportive housing!
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Betty Blair
Cave Junction