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To the Editor:
Two IV News editions lately have showcased people gathered in support of Gaza, meaning Hamas members and their supporters. The facts of the October 7, 2023 horrific terrorist attack on civilians in Israel are undisputed and accepted as truth even by the New York Times and the UN. That day 1200 Israelis were tortured, raped and butchered to death with unthinkable cruelty. The victims were men, women and children, from infants to the elderly. The video linked below is compiled from Hamas terrorists’ phones, who filmed themselves committing atrocities on October 7. Video on Rumble, graphic:
Israel’s 9/11 https://rumble.com/v3svp3a-israels-911.html
Israel has not mistreated the residents of Gaza in any way, and has for years gone the extra mile in this regard. Hamas terrorists have been paid up to $9000 per Israeli citizen killed. Hamas leader Fathi Hamad has called on Palestinians to kill all Jews around the world, sparking widespread condemnation.
Jews have lived in Judea and Samaria for thousands of years, long before the birth of Mohammed. When the modern state of Israel was formed in 1947 by the UN, Israel let everyone who lived within the borders of the state of Israel to remain there as long as they were peaceful. Many Arab families remained and still live there today.
Hamas is practicing jihad against non-Muslims and sadly, many such jihadis are here in the US. When will a terrorist attack occur in the US? Various federal agencies as well as a County Sheriff’s organization have warned us that it’s only a matter of time before one happens here.
Pramada Kisiela
Cave Junction