Life in the Valley of Riches – Dan Mancuso

Josephine County Board of Commissioners appointed Dwayne Yunker in a 2-1 vote Dec. 21 as the Oregon State Representative to replace Lily Morgan in House District 3 term that ends this year. Yunker was chosen from five candidates selected by the Josephine County Republican Party that included Matthew Robinson, son of state Sen. Art Robinson, Colene Martin, Bill Ertel, Tanya Henderson and Yunker.
As of the press deadline for the Feb. 7 edition of the Illinois Valley News, we have not heard one word from Yunker or his office. We have not seen even a shadow of our representative.
Granted he is getting his feet wet and surely is very busy, but what I can’t understand is, why not send a single press release about being chosen or what his plans are?
Rep. Lily Morgan was in constant communication with the Illinois Valley News and Valley residents, as was Rep. Wilson before her.
I hope this is just an oversight rather than a harbinger of what’s to come with our “representative” during his reign.
Will the Illinois Valley’s needs and concerns fall on deaf ears? Will Yunker just ignore the Valley as if it doesn’t exist?
I suppose in time we will see if Yunker considers the Illinois Valley a part of his district or not. I plan to keep you informed if he does.
Thank you for picking up this week’s edition of the Illinois Valley News. Enjoy! ~djm