Just my cup of Tea

Originally ran in the Oct. 14, 1971 edition of the Illinois Valley News

Four men went hunting in the hills not far from Cave Junction the morning hunting season opened. They were Jim Payne, his son Dick, Ken Hoback, and Greg Stone. By 10 a.m. Greg had a threepoint buck and by 2 p.m. Ken and Dick both had a threepoint deer. (Greg Stone is now living in Grants Pass but formerly lived in Cave Junction and graduated from IVHS.)
Recently Mr. and Mrs. L.E. Jeter, former Valleyites, stopped for a short visit with Mr. and Mrs. B.F. Gallagher, River Street. Jeter was employed at the Bug Station just south of the Oregon border. While they lived here Mrs. Jeter was active in the Garden Club and other civic affairs, and there are many friends who remember them. They are now retired and live in Chico, Cal.
Mrs. Mel Barlow, Gail, Michelle, and Jonathan have returned from Modesto, Calif. where they spent a week visiting Mrs. Barlow’s mother and four sisters and their families. A sister, Kathy Franca, and her daughter Melinda accompanied the Barlows home for a visit.
Mrs. Hugh (Roberta) Scheer, Old Stage Road, had a visitor from Milwaukie last week. Carmela Perdue, Roberta and Carmela became friends when Roberta lived in Ferndale, Calif. for one year and the girls were in the 5th grade. Carmela spent most of her summers with Roberta in Takilma while the girls were growing up.
Have you been past the Redwoods Telephone Co. office lately? Don Gibbs has added a fancy carport and other improvements, including a coat of paint and it is a really attractive complex and an asset to the community.
Perhaps it is because I was raised in a city that the stories of rural life in the early days are so interesting to me. You have probably all seen one of the old telephones. When they wanted to call a neighbor they turned the crank on the side of the phone so many times to ring the number. Every one knew the special ring of each neighbor and soon after the conversation started they could hear click, click, click, as one neighbor after the other lifted the receiver to listen. It was their “line of communication” or their “newspaper.” Many of them lived far apart and this was their way of keeping in touch and keeping abreast of the happenings in the Valley. And if a neighbor was sick or had trouble of any kind it was not long until help arrived because the news had already been heard on the telephone.
Mr. and Mrs. Bill Rose had a surprise visit from Mrs. Rose’s sister and husband. Mr. and Mrs. V.O. Poates, Hemet, Calif. Mrs.Lydia Bendixsen, Mrs. Rosen’s mother, returned to Hemet, Cal. with them to spend the winter. She loves the Illinois Valley and plans to return this coming spring.
Alice Beem, former Cave Junction, resident who now lives in Brookings, spent Thursday afternoon in the Valley visiting friends.