Safe and Sober Grad Night program looking for donations

The Illinois Valley High School 2024 Safe and Sober Graduation Committee is seeking community donations for their annual Safe and Sober Graduation Night. While many of us may be familiar with this annual tradition, this year the committee has an additional idea in mind for the current graduating class.
The Safe and Sober Graduation Night has been a yearly staple for IVHS graduates for the last 33 years. Committee member JoAnna Gavlik explained, “When kids would graduate they would go out, party, get drunk, and there would be accidents. So the aim of the Safe and Sober grad night is to provide them with a place to party so they aren’t out drinking.”
This event, scheduled to take place May 30, includes food, drawings for prizes throughout the night and music. The festivities last until about 5 a.m., and around this time, graduates who have stayed for the entire night will be entered in a drawing for a cash prize.
While the committee is close to reaching their $6,000 goal for this event, they are looking to double their fundraising goal to give this year’s senior class a long-overdue adventure before graduation.
The 2024 graduating class is made up of the same students whose eighth-grade school year was interrupted by the 2020 COVID-19 pandemic. Typically, the eighth graders at Lorna Byrne Middle School have gone on a trip toward the end of the school year to Six Flags or another fun-filled location. This group of students, however, did not get this opportunity. Instead, they completed their eighth grade year and began high school via online distance learning. The Safe and Sober Graduation Committee hopes to be able to raise an additional $6,016 to take the IVHS Class of 2024 on their belated eighth-grade field trip.
To raise the necessary funds for graduation night and an additional field trip, the committee will be holding several fundraisers in the coming months, including, but not limited to, a can drive and plant sale March 23 behind the Caves Oregon Chevron.
While these fundraising events are undoubtedly going to help the committee move toward their intended goal, community members are encouraged to donate gift cards, money, and even merchandise to help IVHS seniors get the graduation celebration they deserve. Donations can be mailed to “IVHS Grad Party” at 625 E. River St, Cave Junction OR, 97523. Checks must be made out to IVHS with “Safe and Sober Grad Night” included in the memo. If you have additional questions, please contact Angela Pfeiffer at 541-237-4128.