Just my cup of tea

Originally ran in the Sept. 30, 1971 edition of the Illinois Valley News

Howard Breashears, son of Elroy and Patty Breashers, owners of the Mobil Station in Cave Junction, is attending Shasta College in Redding, Cal. This is his second year. He is majoring in aviation engineering and mechanics.
Ed and Joyce Atkin and Irv and Ina Carew from the Greyhound Depot, Grants Pass, flew to Reno last weekend to watch the International Air Races. The races were excellent, but the weather was not good either way and Ed had to fly by instruments part of the trip home.
Monday I talked to Kathy Krauss in Cave Junction. She was busy putting out posters about the Rogue Community College Adult Opportunity Programs for basic education. How many times have you said that you wished you had more education, or that you could have finished school? Now is your opportunity. The classes will be held across from the CG&E garage, where the bakery used to be located. The tuition is free. There is still time to enroll. Call 4793 or in the evening Selma 4331, Kathy asked me if I would remind everyone of this opportunity.
Mr. and Mrs. John Hamlin, Rockydale Road, have bought the big house on the hill back of the Kerbyville Museum from Alfred Powell and will move in as soon as the Powells vacate. The Hamlins sold their trailer house to Brian and Lucille Sullivan, who moved it to O’Brien.
Mr. and Mrs. Bob Cheney, Hummingbird Lane, had visitors last weekend, Bob’s cousin Barney Woods and his wife Bernice from Rainier, Ore. They were on their way to Death Valley where they will work this winter.
Recently Bob and Nova Cheney had as their dinner guests Herb and Helen Olson, their neighbors, and Herb’s parents Les and Jean Olson, and friends from California Dutch and Margaret Moore. After the dinner hour, Mack and Vanita Macklin were also present. The group spent the evening playing their musical instruments and singing.
The Wednesday Afternoon Bridge Club was entertained this week by Charlotte Slack at the WWI Hall. There were 12 present, making 3 tables. The 1st prize was won by Marian Polen, the 2nd prize went to Edna Kornblum, and 3rd to Dee Hulett. Bert Billig received the booby prize.
Bob Wilhelms from Portland, his wife Jerrie and their children Robert Jr. and Robin stayed overnight with Bob’s parents, Cecil and Fran Wilhelms. They were on their way to California to visit Jerrie’s mother, Mrs. George Carter, and a number of friends.
There is a story that I have heard many times about two miners, some said it was white men and others that it was Chinamen. In the early days of mining, it was said, in the hills around here somewhere, the two miners found a gold nugget so large that their pack animal could not carry it. So the partners sawed it in two with a hack saw and brought it to town, after hiding the other half. For some reason which would be beyond my comprehension, they never went back after the other half. Now before you rush into the hills to find the other half, I must be perfectly honest with you and tell you that there is one flaw in the story – at the early date, hack saws had not yet been invented.
Mr. and Mrs. Buster Castleberry have been enjoying a visit with Emma’s cousin and wife, Mr. and Mrs. Howard Everson, who were here for three days from LaHabra, Calif. They spent most of their time visiting local points of interest but were in Medford on Sunday to spend the day with the Castleberry’s daughter and husband, Joetta and Jerry John, and small Tanya who is nearly two.