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Selma resident upset with City of Cave Junction.

What is wrong with our local city officials? They are offered $50000 in economic development money to be part of the Fastest growing sport in America and they want a parking lot,? Can we please enrich the lives of our citizens we with pickleball and bring some fun and competition to Cave junction. Who needs a parking lot that will bring drugs.crime and trash Grants Pass has many courts and tournaments that enrich the city. Look at the disrepair of the local tennis courts for 30 years it is disgusting. The blame rests on city officials who prefer raising property taxes for more police to combat crime and dysfunction . The word is the funding won’t supply the deputies promised . It looks like you got taken people. At least a stand alone pickleball court not a cheap multi use tennis/pickleball courts.would help the image.
Mark Seligman
Selma or.