Life in the Valley of Riches

Hope everyone had a Merry Christmas or any other holiday you celebrated. Remember, we will not publish Jan. 3 and will be back in the racks Jan. 10, 2024.
I would like to use this space to thank the following for submitting a letter to the editor in 2023:
Jean Mount, GP
Cheryl Nelson, CJ
Charlie Seagraves, GP
Mark Seligman, Selma
John Plute, Kerby
F. Bellermann, Selma
Robert Hirning, Takilma
Chris Matthews, O’Brien
Jim Lettis, CJ
Brad Vincent, O’Brien
Allee Gustafson, Central Point
Libby Watts, GP
Christopher Line, Staff Attorney, Freedom From Religion Foundation
Thank you to all, letter writes are the backbone of all newspapers.

I would also like to honor those who passed away the last year.
Billie Ray Baker
Dec 7, 2022.
Janice L. “Jan” Rodriguez
Dec 26, 2022
Ken Wagner, 64,
Dec. 28, 2022
Loretta E. Krecklow,
Jan 18,
Dorothy Jean Campbell McGuire,
Dec. 30, 2022
James Thomas Middleton, Jan 29,
Kathleen (Kathy) Jo Wilson, Jan. 22,
Shirley A. Wills,
Jan 24,
Carroll Ray Bierbower
Feb. 5,
Dennis Allen Reviea,
Feb 7,
Maureen “Mo” Connolly,
Feb 26,
Sadie Mae Killingsworth,
Feb 19,
James William “ Jim”

Lori Woodbury,
Nov 27, 2022
Cherie Anne Peterson,
Mar 7,
Edwin Gilman “Gilly” Squire Mar 14,
Kenneth Edward McDonald,
Mar 21,
Stephen Van Tuyl,
Nov 27, 2022
William Edward Hart,
Mar 30,
Ora May Meyer,
Mar 28,
Derick L. Williams,
Apr 10,
Karen Marie Bodeving,
Apr 7,
Timothy Francis Reilly,
Apr 12,
Elaine Correia,
Apr 13,
Kathy Lynn Valentine,
Apr 14,
Donald William Christiansen, Apr 13,
Dianne Marie Gburek,
Apr 13
Mickey Ray Fox Jr,
Apr 20,
Chris Matthew
Annie Ruth Madden,

Apr 23,
John Benjamine LaRue,
Apr 22,
Michael Douglas Putnam,
Apr 29,
Helen Armida,
May 6,
Betty Jo Steward,
May 27,
Martin Stanley Bernard,
June 1,
Randi Layne Brown,
May 30,
Kenneth R. Kraft, May 28,
Glen Earl Reese,
May 17,
David Ray Gentry,
June 5,
Jeff Winters,
June 11,
Claryce Loretta Bishop,
June 7,
Laurence J. Umphrey,
June 14,
Jackie “Jack” Clark,
June 4, ,
Jeffrie (Jeff) Thomas Winters , June 11
Terry Bartholomew, 68,
July 2,
Steven (Steve O) Albert Pell, 57,
July 3
John Hanford Woodward Jr., 82,
July 12
Colleen Annette Morningstar, 76,
July 18
Donald Hubert Clark, 91, July 16
Randolph Gary Britt,
“Randy”, April 21
Delores Kay Brown, 70,
July 27
Thomas R. Waddell,
Aug. 4
Cheryl Jeannette Davis,
Aug. 17
Sally Jo Lyons, 64,
Aug. 16
Deborah “Debbie” Jean Culbertson,
Aug. 21
Walter Allen Hulsey, 65, Aug. 29

Steven “Eagle” aka “Gray Eagle” Meyer,
Aug. 7
Missy Morgan, 62,
Aug. 2,
Claudia Jean (White) McLay, 61,
Aug. 13
Lois Mae Mosier, 79,
Sept. 6
Nancy Wilson Lyford, 72, Sept, 26
Theodore Richard “Ted” Nichols, 95,
October 2
Andrea Crilly, 62,
Sept. 30
Robert G. Lowden, 74,
Sept. 23,
Connie Lea McBriety, 67, Sept. 29
Sage Meidinger O’Conner, 73,
October 8
MaryJane Ingersoll
Josephine G. Couron
, 91
John A Plute , 74,
Nov. 13
Marilyn Joyce
Ross, Grandma GG,
Nov. 16,
Mary Louise Blanchfield
Tury, 75,
Sept. 13
Janis Kay Herman,
Nov. 13
Richard Allan Young, 80,
Nov. 16
Mrs. Dale Christine Robinson, 73,
Bruce Edwin Bockstiegel
aka Marsh
Nov. 23,

Obituaries are important to us because they are a historical record.

See all of you next year.
Thank you for picking up this week’s paper! Enjoy! ~djm