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Can I Get a Witness? – John 1:6-8, 19-28
Right in the middle of telling us about how Jesus is the Word made flesh, John suddenly starts talking about John the Baptist. Why? What makes him so important? Why did God need to send a man at the same time He was sending His Son? The Word was becoming flesh, so sending a human seems kind of redundant. But God likes working this way. God has a history of sending men to speak for Him to other men.
God chooses humans to speak for Him, and it doesn’t always seem like the ones He chooses are the best candidates. Moses was a murderer. Gideon was a coward. Samson was filled with lust and revenge. David committed adultery and murder, and then he tried to cover it up. Elijah suffered chronic depression. Jonah disobeyed and tried to run from God’s will. And these are just a few examples. God does extraordinary things through flawed and ordinary men.
Even now, God is working through human agents. Lots of them. Just like John the Baptist, we as Christians have been sent into the world to bear witness about Jesus Christ. John was sent to proclaim the coming of Jesus and prepare people’s hearts for the first coming of Christ. We’ve been sent to proclaim the coming of Jesus and prepare people’s hearts for the second coming of Christ.
That’s seems like an overwhelming mission. To accomplish it we first need to be open to the fact that we’re actually being sent. John the Baptist was sent to the people of Israel in the region of Galilee. But who are we being sent to?
Maybe it’s as simple as the people of our neighborhood, the people we work with, or our friends. Whoever it is, though, we’ve been sent. So, we need to take our sending seriously.
We need to become faithful witnesses to the light so that others can come to believe in Jesus through us. And we need to be certain that the words we use are faithful to Christ. How can we do that? We can’t live this kind of witness simply by our strength of will. John didn’t. It takes the will of God and the power of the Holy Spirit.
John was sent by God. And recognizing that we’ve also been sent means that it’s God’s will for us to bear witness. If we believe and have life, we’re His disciples. And if we’re His disciples, we’ve been sent, which means He’s making us ready.
Our work as witnesses to the light of Christ is fueled by the power of the Holy Spirit. It’s power that comes from the knowledge of who Christ is, and who we are as His witnesses.
He’s waiting. He’s calling us as witnesses to testify to the coming of Jesus Christ. Are you ready? God thinks you are. And if you are, then can I get a witness?