Life in the Valley of Riches

We have finally found two sports writers! Dusty Fiske started at the end of last year’s wrestling season and is back again. For basketball we now have John Michaels who turned in two I.V. High School basketball stories and one Lorna Byrne Middle School story. We have a very active youth wrestling group and the parents send in photos that I run from time to time. I think we also found a photographer from the high school, Emilee Jones.
Running a small community newspaper can be difficult when it comes to hiring. We can’t pay very much and that makes it difficult. However, we have had a few writers for quite a while now – Curtis Jerome “Seige for CJ” Schatza Jr., Iris Chinook, Anita Savio, Gwen Barringer and Annette McGee Rasch, who has been with us since 2012.
However, we do need more writers. If you can write, we can teach you Associated Press style. If you are new to the area and want to get to know the Valley faster, writing for your local paper is a great way to do it.
Just a few reminders: In the Dec. 20 edition, we will have letters to Santa. If your child is homeschooled and wants to be in the paper, send it along to dan@theivnews.com. The Dec. 27 edition is the Year in Review and Jan. 3, 2024 we don’t publish a newspaper. We don’t publish the first week of the year because it is difficult to get a hold of people and organizations during the holiday season for news articles.
This year our vacation will be in Little Rock, Arkansas to visit my parents. You never know how much more time you will get with aging parents. At my age, I feel lucky to still have both of my parents.
Santa will be at the Visitor Center sponsored by the Illinois Valley Chamber of Commerce Saturday Dec. 16 from 3-6 p.m. Come on down rain or shine.
Thank you for picking up this week’s paper. Enjoy! ~ djm