Tee Tattler

Seasons Greetings from the Illinois Valley Country Club!
The rainy weather and increasing darkness have kept us off the course a bit, but I do have a little news this week.
Todd, Colby, Graham, James, Jesse and Jakob all made it out onto the course on a beautiful Friday afternoon. Graham drew first blood with a birdie on #11. On #13, Todd put one close for the first KP. Nobody hit the green on #16 from the front tee and over the effluent pond. However, Jakob put one fairly close on #17, missed the birdie putt and then missed the comeback putt, finally sinking his 4th shot. The pros that play with us demand that we “validate” the KP by taking away the KP if the holder does not get at least a par. So the KP was moved to a 4th shot KP on #18. Graham got the KP and I presume sunk his par putt (although I was not informed if the validation rule applies to a 4th KP), he also got the skin on that hole for 2 skins—good for Graham.
I did not play as I was getting ready for a drive up to Lincoln City with Grey and Ashton (5 hours one way!) to bring a gift and see my youngest granddaughter, Juliette, who turns 1 on Dec 5. That kid never fusses and she obviously loves her “Pappy” (me). Boy, oh boy did it ever rain on us on the way up and back, the little farms and fields being flooded out on Highway 34 and past the cute little town of Philomath. I did see a couple golf courses that I would like to play over there on a subsequent visit and especially the Salishan Resort right in Lincoln City. The darling little town of Depot Bay was full of sightseers as a King Tide was occurring and the ocean waves were breaking over the sea wall on which 101 passes through town, the spray from the waves soaking tourists and hitting the store windows—I sure hit that timing well.
Todd and Dwight went out and fertilized greens and used up the rest of the fertilizer in the shed and then went and purchased another $100 worth and donated it to the course—much thanks to them for that.
I am dreading seeing how much water is flowing through the Kerby Ditch and through the two breaches on #3, where winter flows inundate #3 on both sides of the fairway. The beaver on #1 has also backed up a lot of water that now floods the low area just before the ditch. When it rains hard the entire ditch backs up and carts have a hard time finding the bridge crossing.
This weather does remind me that our annual Bandon Dunes trip is coming right up with the winds and rain we always get over there. However, we usually get at least two days of perfect, warm and sunny weather. It does not sound real but 2 years ago on my way home, I stopped at Fred Meyer in Brookings to get a few flowers and on Feb 8th it was 84 degrees F, due to the Chetco effect, pretty weird to have that high temp in early February, but I guess they get that every year.
You would think that the I.V. would be pretty much unplayable with the amount of rain we have had the last few days but the way the course was planned and constructed allows rain water to flow off the fairways and they firm up very quickly, making the course playable in any weather condition except frost and snow.
We were planning on playing Monday as there is a little window of opportunity in the afternoon. I will let you know who braved the conditions.
Oh, and one more little tidbit, I promised Toonie, our morning prep cook at Pappy Ts that I would mention his fabulous Christmas decorating job at our pub, nice job Toonie.