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Law Enforcement Levy Thoughts
While I was very pleased that the permanent law enforcement levy passed, I was disappointed at how close it was. Look, nobody likes taxes. However, this levy was the only way to ensure continued police coverage in JoCo. Temporary levies don’t work – they do not allow the sheriff to hire & retain staff. The price is probably the best deal on the planet – $150/ yr for a home with an assessed value of $150 K works out to a little over $12/ mo. How there can be so many against such a deal is baffling & very short sighted. Some say “unfair tax” or “taxation without representation” – What ?. This is how the democratic process works – the people vote & the most votes win. For example, I did not vote for Biden, but I’m stuck with him, thanks to the majority.
At any rate, kudos to those JoCo residents who took the personal responsibility to make this a reality.
Brad Vincent