Just my cup of tea

Originally ran in the Aug. 19, 1971 edition of the Illinois Valley News

Doris Boyd recently went to Butte Falls to care for her grandson Joe Boyd when he had the mumps. When he was over the worst of it, she brought him home with her until he recuperated enough to go back to work.
Bill Wilhelms, his wife, and 3 children from Roseburg visited his parents Cecil and Fran Wilhelms. Last week the Wilhelms had two grandchildren visiting them, the children of Bob and Jerry Wilhelms of Portland.
Lettie Barlow of Beaver Creek, mother of Mel Barlow, Rockydale Road, came for a 2 week stay with her son and his family. She accompanied Elsie Barlow, Michelle and Jonathon to Modesto, Cal. to visit Elsie’s parents, Mr. and Mrs. Earl Barnett. It was the first time Mel’s mother and Elsie’s parents had met. Elsie said it was so hot in Modesto they were anxious to get home to cool off, but found it just as hot here in the Valley.
Warren and Fern Wisham, Old Stage Road, have had as their guest for 3 weeks, their granddaughter Denise Campbell of Downey, Cal. Denise is 10 years old and this is her third jet trip alone. She really enjoys flying by jet and thinks there couldn’t be a better way to travel. While she was here, Warren’s brother, Dr. Wayne Wisham spent several days visiting also, mostly just relaxing, although they did go swimming in Lake Selmac. Neighbors from Downey, Mr. and Mrs. Tom Dennis and their daughter Dana, spent the weekend with the Wishams. Mr. and Mrs. Dennis have bought property on the Rogue River and hope to make their retirement home in Southern Oregon. While the company was here they went to Brookings for the scenic drive and to cool off.
I had a bit of a scare last Saturday afternoon. I was changing the water a ways from the house. The sprinkler was light and would not lie flat, so I leaned down to place it on the grass. In the dappled light and shade I thought I saw a movement and not 2 feet from my hand was a rattle snake. His rattles were about 1-1/2 inches long, but I did not measure exactly. He did not like me because he stuck his tongue out at me, and I can’t say I liked him any better, but he did not rattle or coil. I went back to the house, and Margaret Henry and I tried to get my stubborn dogs in the house – she finally got them by their collars and drug them in. Then we went armed with a shovel and hoe to kill the snake, but he had slithered away – somewhere.
Phayo and I had the pleasure of meeting our daughter Marian and son-in-law Stuart Mepham, and the grandchildren, Kevin, Wendy and Michael, when they arrived in Grants Pass Monday morning. They had arrived in San Francisco only two days before, after spending nearly a year in the Netherlands. They left Amsterdam and in 15 hours they arrived in Los Angeles including a stop for customs, and all of the trip was in daylight. The same night they arrived in L.A. they got on another plane and flew to San Francisco. After all of the long time spent traveling, the children are enjoying the freedom of playing in Grandpa’s forest. A number of people have expressed the desire to see the pictures they have taken on their travels as they have visited so many small villages in Holland, not seen usually on conducted tours. They have also traveled in England, Belgium, Germany, Denmark, and Norway. They crossed Norway from Oslo by train to Bergen and while in Norway saw many beautiful fiords. They will show many of their most interesting slides Friday, August 20, at 8 p.m. at the County Building. We give an invitation to all our friends in the Mineral Club, Garden Club, church groups, and any other persons who would like to take a one night’s trip to Europe. Refreshments will be served after the pictures. No admission, of course, but a few cookies would be appreciated.