Life in the Valley of Riches

Last week in the Valley, parents again took to Facebook to rage against Illinois Valley High School over alleged improper actions and removal of a teacher.
Rumors ran wild, but no one was willing to speak on record. One father showed photos of what appeared to be hazing at best, and inappropriate sexual posturing at worst.
The Illinois Valley News reached out to the father that showed the photos on Facebook, and under the advice of his attorney, he had no comment and was also advised to remove the photos.
It is the policy of the Illinois Valley News that we do not print hearsay, and off the record comments are just that, hearsay. Until it is confirmed by police, district office or the district attorney, we won’t drag anyone through the mud.
We reached out to the Three Rivers School District knowing full well they would not comment, and low and behold we received an email from Wendy Giordano, communications coordinator for the district.
“Thank you for reaching out. As a matter of policy, we are unable to provide comments or statements on ongoing investigations and personnel matters. Your understanding in this matter is greatly appreciated,” Giordano stated.
We called the high school hoping to get some clarification on the rumors, and the calls were not returned. In a last-ditch effort, we contacted the sheriff’s office, seeking confirmation that a teacher was walked from the building by law enforcement officers and were told that this was not true nor did Sheriff Daniel know where the rumor came from.
According to Sheriff Daniel the district has asked his office to investigate claims of impropriety and he had no comment on that as of Nov. 21.
This also brings up the topic that if the recent incident is proven to be true, that makes it the fourth incident in two years at I.V. High. One teacher under scrutiny came into the public light only after a parent found the court papers showing the outcome of the case earlier this year.
Because of this, some question the district’s hiring process. The reality is that the four teachers had clean backgrounds, held Oregon teaching licenses, which means not only did the district do its job; the state vetted them as well. As one poster on social media stated, “Job posts don’t say, “Only perverts should apply.”
It’s likely going to take some time until law enforcement completes its investigation.
Everyone needs to wait it out, and in time, the information will be made available.