From the mayor’s desk: Meadow Martell

I hope you have been able to take advantage of the latest beautiful sunshiny days. I finally managed to finish putting my garden to bed. I also took a walk on the Rough and Ready Botanical Trail. I was amazed and delighted by the work that has been done on the trails, benches and interpretive signs. It is well worth your time.
Our Public Works Department has certainly been busy. Contractors working on the splash pad were able to pour more of the outer ring of the splash pad and the retaining wall along the back of the pavilion. Contractors also installed a 3” waterline for the splash pad as well as the 6” drain. Our Streets crew removed a dead hazard tree in the public right of way with low hanging limbs next to Siskiyou Village Apartment and safely took down a dead fir tree that was leaning towards the apartment complex.
Providing safe drinking water is a major city responsibility. Water treatment and production requires complex equipment and constant vigilant staff. There recently was a break-down of a piece of equipment that adds air into the sedimentation basins. Public Works staff were right on top of the problem and fortunately, we had redundant equipment to use until repairs are finished. Great teamwork!
Regarding a different water issue, the Kerby Water District, which purchases water from the city, sadly lost John Plute, the Kerby Water District Board Chair. John did a lot for the District and will be sorely missed. The City of Cave Junction is taking care of the day-to-day business for the District until a permanent decision on the District’s future can be made.
Several people have asked me about the homeless issue at the Library. I recently had a good discussion with Roberta Lee, the Branch Services Manager. She has been working closely with neighbors and law enforcement and the library is taking some major steps to address the homeless issue. Deputy Baird has been very responsive and helpful. He has been working closely with library staff to get inappropriate cars and people out of the parking lot and off the grounds. The library is also not leaving the Wi Fi on after hours. If you have any library concerns, please reach out to Roberta Lee, 541-592-4778. This is our library, and we want everyone using library services to feel comfortable, safe and welcome.