Rough and Ready Botanical Trail in Illinois Valley undergoes transformative improvements

O’Brien, Oregon – The Illinois Valley Community Development Organization, in collaboration with Oregon Department of Parks and Recreation, is proud to announce the completion of phase 2 of enhancements at the beloved Rough and Ready Botanical Trail, aimed at improving visitor experiences and accessibility to this rural gem.

Thanks to the steadfast commitment of IVCanDO as the Adopt-A-Park Agreement holder, with assistance from dedicated partners Visit Grants Pass, Travel Oregon, and the Oregon Department of Parks and Recreation, the Rough and Ready Botanical Trail now features educational interpretive signage and an informational kiosk. These exciting improvements will undoubtedly benefit both the local community and the countless nature enthusiasts who visit this scenic destination.
This phase of improvements at the Rough and Ready Botanical Trail include:
Welcoming Kiosk: Newly installed, informative, and attractive signage has been placed near the trailhead, providing visitors with a map and historical information about the area.
Educational Interpretive Trail Signage: The addition of interpretive trail signage offers visitors an educational experience, helping them better understand the unique botanical and geological features unique to this area.
These improvements, paired with the phase 1 improvements of widening and lengthening the trail that were completed in 2021, have contributed to an increase in trail usage for both local residents and tourists wanting to explore and appreciate the one-of-a-kind landscape that the area offers.
The final phase of improvements for the area include parking lot improvements such as paving and the addition of boulders to protect fencing and signage. IVCanDO is currently accepting donations and seeking funding to help fund this phase. The primary objective of this fundraising initiative is to further improve the safety and accessibility for all visitors of the area. With your support, we aim to make the Rough and Ready Botanical Area an even more inviting place for individuals and families to enjoy the stunning natural surroundings.
Lindsey B. Jones, executive director at IVCanDO, expressed her gratitude for the continued support of the local community and visitors. “The Rough and Ready Botanical Area holds a special place in our hearts, and we are committed to making it accessible and enjoyable for everyone. We appreciate the ongoing support of the community as we work to raise funds for the parking lot paving project.”
Your generosity can make a difference. To contribute to the parking lot paving project and help improve safety and accessibility at the Rough and Ready Botanical Area, please visit www.ivcdo.org/donate.
IVCanDO is a 501(c)(3) non-profit committed to collaborative programs and inclusive partnerships that improve and change lives across communities of rural southwest Oregon. With a community based strategic plan focused on people, place, and prosperity, we champion sustainable development for vibrant economic, social, and cultural conditions. For more information, visit www.ivcdo.org.