The Redwood Foundation for Education Local Scholarship Application is open

GRANTS PASS, Ore. – The Redwood Foundation for Education is excited to announce they are now accepting applications for the Local Scholarship Packet. Graduating high school seniors living in Josephine County or attending one of the following high schools: Grants Pass, Hidden Valley, North Valley, Illinois Valley,Rogue River, or Glendale are eligible to fill out the Redwood Local Scholarship Application. Through one application, students have access to over 250 scholarship funds and $500,000 in awards. Last year, students were awarded over $520,000 through the Local Application. The main part of the application will require students to answer general questions to determine their eligibility for most of the local scholarships administered by Redwood. Certain scholarships may necessitate an additional essay or other specific requirements. After completing and submitting the main application, students will have the opportunity to apply for these supplementary scholarships.
Regardless of students’ plans after high school, there are scholarships available for them. Redwood encourages all students to complete the application – the average award per student was nearly $2,300 in 2023. The main application is open from Nov. 1, 2023 through Feb. 9, 2024 and is available at: www.redwoodforeducation.org/student-scholarships/local-scholarship-application/.
Scholarships and grants are made possible by the generosity of our local community. Donations are made to the Redwood Foundation for Education by individuals, businesses and service organizations. The Foundation currently manages a corpus of $9.5 million, which continues to grow through donations and bequests. Since 1982, the Foundation has invested over $8 million into our community through grants, scholarships and projects. To learn more about the Redwood Foundation for Education, make a donation, apply for scholarships and grant funding, or to develop your own local legacy gift, visit our website at www.redwoodforeducation.org or call 541-476-2196.