From the mayor’s desk: Meadow Martell

If you just picked up your copy of this week’s I.V. News, you still have time to vote in this critical Josephine County special election. Ballots are due Nov. 7 and there is a collection box outside City Hall. I can’t stress enough how important your vote is. Federal ARPA funding for law enforcement is running out and by June 2025 there will not be enough to continue providing services to the more rural areas of the county. This includes Cave Junction. This is financial reality, not a threat. A citizen led coalition drafted a proposal which is Ballot Measure 17-115 on your ballot. A Josephine County Law Enforcement District would provide steady funding for public safety. For me personally, it would mean about $257 a year more in property taxes. Is that worth it? Heck yes! It is a little more than I spend a year on sparkling water. Increasing public safety means that we can continue supporting a vital, active and safe downtown. We can assure businesses that there will be a regular police presence if necessary. It means we can protect Jubilee Park and a new park on Old Stage Road. It means faster response when there is a traffic accident on Highway 199. It means we can breathe easier because there is protection from lawless elements who think the Illinois Valley is easy pickings. You can help make this difference. Please vote by Nov. 7.
One of the issues that rang true for me at the recent League of Oregon Cities Conference I attended in Eugene, is that there has been a nationwide decline in civility, creating violence, distress and loss of faith in government. To counteract this, it is important to keep people informed and celebrate our successes. I believe Cave Junction is taking major steps to positively impact and make practical and constructive changes in our community.
Although Cave Junction doesn’t have all the resources to address really big problems such as housing and homelessness, we are working with many resources and agencies to partner with and address these and other important issues. We are fortunate that we have excellent, knowledgeable staff and public works crew. Every day they are working diligently to keep the resources we have, such as our park, streets, and utilities, running smoothly. But even more than that they are always looking out for any opportunities to make our community an even better place to live. You can too. Vote!