Tee Tattler

Good morning from our annual pro-am in Mesquite Nevada! This is day one so I will have results and news next week. Oddly enough, I am writing this after the first evening as Tracy dragged me away from the Craps table early in the evening!

In local news, the super fun Wednesday evening guys played a three-club tournament in which we only were allowed to carry three clubs, of course. Everyone plays their own ball and we get our handicap to help us less fortunate players. I was playing well above my skill level and Todd whispered to me as we were coming off of the 8th green that I would win with just a bogey or even double bogey. Of course I let that go to my head and I hit my tee shot on a beautiful slight draw trajectory and it ended up out of bounds, second shot slightly less left but behind the trees on the wrong side of the ditch. Suffice to say that I rescued a 9 by scrambling on the next shots. Jim ended up with a 35 net with me and Jason tied for second. Jim whined about only getting $35 so I gave him my tie money of $5. Todd got KP of #4, Jesse surprised himself with a nice KP on #8 and Graham got a third shot KP on #2. D’Lynn showed up for just a couple holes, lost the 2 balls he brought and decided to go back to work, James, Jason and Dustin also played. Dustin’s little boy, who comes many days with his Dad has now passed the age at which he merely sits in the car seat and that little kid can move now!
The Thursday night ladies came out and could only get in 6 holes before dark. Emily, Kaelyn (I’ve been spelling her name wrong the past through weeks), Sherry (don’t tell her surgeon that she was hitting balls) and Sue played scramble. Sherry hit the overhead power wire coming off of the #1 teebox but still reached the Oaks in the middle of the fairway. Sue’s drive on #2 made it all the way to the blue rock-Sue is sure developing some awesome power lately. Kaelyn hit most of her shots right down the middle of the fairway and Emily drove all the way to the cross ditch on 9. They finished with a 31 for their 6 holes. Tasha and Amy came out with Mike for the rest of the ladies, they took off soon after they came in so I didn’t get any report from them.
For the Friday night family, friends, kids and fun night we had Jesse C, Jesse B, James O, James R, Colby, Todd, Jake, Troy, Poke, Graham, Donny and me for men, Kaelyn rode with Jake and Tundra and Odie represented the animal kingdom. Graham drew first blood with a birdie and skin on #11, Todd got KP on #13 but didn’t get the birdie skin, Graham poked a nice one right down the middle of #14, put the ball on the green, missed the birdie putt but got a skin with a par. On #15 Graham, Poke and James were all on putting for birdie and Graham sunk his for a skin. On #16 nobody got on for KP but a bunch of us were putting for par. I waited patiently waited as several guys missed easy puts then I stepped up and hit a real nice breaking putt and just as it reached the cup, Tundra walked past and the ball hit her foot–now I don’t know for sure if that ball would have fallen into the cup but Donny should be buying me a drink next time I see him. This left Poke with an easy shot for skin. As he hovered over his ball, lining up the putt, Todd remarked that he had looked at his putt too long while Tundra was in the way. Poke barely missed the putt and what he told Todd cannot be printed in a nice family newspaper. On 17 Todd, Graham and James O were all on and pretty close. James was closest for KP, Graham sunk his birdie putt for a skin. On 18 Poke was on with a birdie put–nope, Graham had a birdie putt–nope, Donny had a birdie putt–nope. A fun fall evening with some great people.
The fertilizer is really doing its job and keeping Mark on the mower and busy lately.The fairways have really filled in this fall and we are looking forward to continuing growth this spring to bring back the glorious fairways that we once had.
The practice green is coming up really nicely and looks like its made of green felt. This is going to be a real nice feature and is going to give us a lot of nice hours of putting contests going into the next few years.