Parks & Rec Commission discusses Veterans Day

On Thursday, Oct. 19, the Parks & Recreation Commission met at Cave Junction City Hall to discuss the logistics of putting together a 2023 Veterans Day celebration Nov. 11. While there are still some aspects of this plan that require fine tuning, it is obvious that the idea comes from a place of care and gratitude for those who have served in the U.S. Armed Forces.
The meeting, led by board chairman John Miles via Zoom, served only as a way to go over the details and adjust the tentatively outlined schedule accordingly. Board member Roger Brandt, Councilor Tina Casey Jones, Public Works Director Alex Ponder, park host Sabrina Dellinger, and city recorder Rebecca Patton were all in attendance.
Miles presented a rough draft of the schedule to the board, which included a flyover by the United States Air Force, patriotic songs performed by both the Illinois Valley High School band and choir, a raising of the U.S. Flag, and an important moment in which the Jubilee Park plaza will be formally dedicated to the armed forces veterans of the Illinois Valley. Of course, a Master of Services, or event host, would be required, and it was quickly determined that Mayor Meadow Martell would be asked to fill this important position. The board also noted that they should come up with a backup plan, in case the mayor’s schedule conflicts with this task. Board member Brandt was also asked if he could come up with a short presentation about the history of veterans’ organizations in the Illinois Valley. In addition, the idea was broached that state representative Lily Morgan could possibly perform the plaza dedication, barring any schedule conflicts on her part.

There was a bit of conversation regarding whether the musical numbers should take place during or after the flag raising, with the consensus being that one performance would occur after the flag raising and the other after the plaza dedication. However, one of the most important talking points was the discussion surrounding the flyover. Roger Brandt explained that although the Kingsley Field Air Force Base has tentatively penciled in Cave Junction’s event, when Brandt last spoke with them, they had two other events slotted for Veterans Day and could not make any promises. For now, the flyover portion of the event is pending authorization from Air Force higher-ups in Pennsylvania.
Regardless of whether the flyover is approved, when Nov. 11 rolls around there will be a special event that will bring the community together to commemorate our local veterans, and that is something to look forward to.